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Classes from 05 Jul, 2022 to 05 Jul, 2022
Tue 05 July12:00pmAdvanced- Dynamic Reformer Pilates
This Advanced Pilates class is set to push experienced Ten faithfuls to new levels. Not for the inexperienced or unfit. 55 mins.
Carys Ward
Carys was born in New Zealand and has always been extremely passionate about health, wellness, and the human body. A motto that she lives by is ‘practice what you preach’ and in her spare time you will find her running, hiking, doing high intensity interval training (HiiT) and getting involved in team sports.

With a background in athletics (she was team captain at provincial level), netball, and touch rugby prior she holds a degree in Exercise Science, and a Postgraduate Diploma and Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology from The University of Auckland.

Whilst completing her Postgraduate Diploma and Masters, Carys accumulated over 600 hours experience working within The University of Auckland Health and Rehabilitation Clinic. This enabled her to work professionally with a variety of patients presenting with a wide range of health conditions (including Cardiovascular, haematological, musculoskeletal, metabolic, neurological, and pulmonary) within a clinical yet adaptive setting.

Carys is a firm believer in ‘Exercise is Medicine’ as a fundamental element that boosts not only physical health, but also mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Carys is always committed to assisting her clients in achieving a healthier lifestyle and meeting their fitness goals through enjoyable, personalised and evidence-based practice (combining both testing and exercise prescription). She is also extremely eager to continue learning and enhancing her knowledge and skills, to create the most appropriate and beneficial programmes for her clients.

For Carys, what makes Reformer Pilates so beneficial as an exercise practice is that it incorporates stretching, loading and corrective components without putting too much pressure on weight bearing joints. She was particularly drawn to join the Ten team because of a shared set of beliefs and goals, and because of Ten’s Circle of Care – an integrated and collaborative team of allied health professionals working closely together with each client’s best interests at its heart.

Having endured her share of sporting injuries and undergone knee surgery, she is acutely aware of the mental and physical impact of injuries and setbacks and training goals, and knowledgeable about modifying exercise programs to assist in rehabilitation whilst still supporting clients’ journeys towards their health and fitness goals.

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Tue 05 July12:00pmAdvanced- Dynamic Reformer Pilates
This Advanced Pilates class is set to push experienced Ten faithfuls to new levels. Not for the inexperienced or unfit. 55 mins.
Georgia Heaven
Georgia graduated with a Sport and Exercise degree from Loughborough University. Her degree gave her valuable scientific-based knowledge on the latest clinical and exercise research.

You can expect your sessions with Georgia to be scientifically researched and tailored to your needs and goals – endorsing the approach that exercise is medicine. Georgia takes a behavioral approach to her clients’ journey with Ten, creating progressive and individualised exercise programs to help support long-lasting lifestyle change.

Georgia's expertise and infectious energy make her a great and motivator. You’ll come away from your sessions with her not only moving better and with more confidence, but also armed with the information and insights necessary to support you on the changes you’ve set out to make.

Outside Ten, Georgia is a passionate and dedicated Kickboxer. She credits her keen interest in human anatomy and nutrition as key factors in helping her become UK National Lightweight Intermediate Champion in 2019 and gain her Black Belt. When she’s not in the Studio, Georgia can be found kicking a punch bag honing her skills and training for her next competition.

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Tue 05 July1:00pmAdvanced - Dynamic Reformer Pilates
This Advanced Pilates class is set to push experienced Ten faithfuls to new levels. Not for the inexperienced or unfit. 55 mins.
Simone Leask
Simone discovered her love for the health and fitness industry back in New Zealand while studying at university, where her journey began in the comfort of her own apartment doing Youtube workouts between classes.

When she realised that an office job wasn’t for her, she turned to personal training and fitness instruction, determined to help others find a healthy relationship with their bodies and exercise. Since then she has explored a wide range of different workout styles including strength training and HIIT, however she has always enjoyed and returned to Pilates, loving the core strength and improvements in her flexibility that she has noticed after her sessions.

After moving to London Simone decided to take another step in her fitness career and become a qualified Pilates instructor, with the desire to teach and show others the benefits of Pilates.

Overall Simone strongly believes that health and fitness should be a positive and fun journey for everyone. She brings a bubbly, welcoming energy to each of her classes and uses this to help motivate and challenge each participant, leaving them feeling great and wanting more!

Outside of teaching Simone has a strong passion for Aerial Circus, and you’ll often find her hanging from the ceiling off silks and hoops. She also loves travelling and exploring different cultures and cuisine and taking mini get-aways to new locations.

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Tue 05 July10:00amAdvanced- Dynamic Reformer Pilates
This Advanced Pilates class is set to push experienced Ten faithfuls to new levels. Not for the inexperienced or unfit. 55 mins.
Rafael Cunha
Born and raised in Brazil, Rafael has always had a keen interest in sport and exercise, enjoying everything from football to handball, volleyball to basketball, running to capoeira and swimming to surfing.
His passion for exercise and for understanding the positive effect movement has on the human body led him to complete an undergraduate degree in Physical Education in 2008, followed by a postgraduate degree in Physiology of Exercise in 2015.


After graduating, Rafael began his career working as a personal trainer for both adults and children. Throughout his career he has also been involved in coaching and teaching a range of sports, leading capoeira groups, running social projects, organising boot camps and sports championships, and he even founded his own running group.


Believing that the human body truly is made to move, Rafael credits the skeletal system as the thing that allows us to live our lives to the maximum.


It’s this interest in musculoskeletal health that led him to train both as a Pilates instructor and study Tui Na massage, further improving his knowledge and understanding of human anatomy and in turn helping him to address muscular imbalances.


Having previously worked with people who faced hernias, disc protrusion, sciatic nerve issues, back pain and postural imbalances, Rafael enjoys helping people improve their quality of movement, overall fitness and general health.


This experience also taught him the importance of looking after our bodies, so that we can continue to live healthy and active lives without aches and pains.


Rafael takes a tailored approach to each client, understanding their needs, respecting their limitations and observing existing imbalances in the musculoskeletal system, which enables him to develop individual plans to help his clients achieve their goals. Whether that is to reduce pain and discomfort or increase tone, his programmes are developed to help clients strengthen the right muscles and restore balance.

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Tue 05 July8:00pmAdvanced- Dynamic Reformer Pilates
This Advanced Pilates class is set to push experienced Ten faithfuls to new levels. Not for the inexperienced or unfit. 55 mins.
Adam Ridler
Sport was always something Adam had a passion for, leading him to study Sports Science at university, initially focusing on strength & conditioning and performance enhancement, but quickly developing skills in other areas.

It was whilst studying that Adam’s other passion emerged, as he was introduced to rowing. He went on to become part of the Great British Lightweight development squad, enabling him to work alongside Olympic champion coaches and athletes.

Working with people to help them move well and understand their bodies is something Adam particularly enjoys. For him, what brings greatest satisfaction is working with people to overcome barriers, unlock their potential and understand what makes them feel their best brings.

Adam is a hugely experienced fitness professional. In addition to spending many years as a Personal Trainer and Dynamic Reformer Pilates instructor, he has also worked in corporate wellness, teaching employees to become more active throughout the day, and understanding both the short term performance and long term health benefits this brings.

He has also worked in the emerging and increasingly important field of Exercise as Medicine, leveraging the latest insights and data to demonstrate how exercise can be an important element in the prevention, treatment and recovery process for various illness and diseases.

By keeping an eye on the latest research and key opinions Adam believes in following the best practice and evidence based methods to continue to move forward with his skills and teaching methods.

Away from the studio Adam will most likely be found outdoors, ideally on the water, and whenever possible, competing at major national events.

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