“In whatever you do, if you want results, give it your all.”
  • 200HR YTT
Favourite Yoga pose:

Sun Salutation/Surya Namaskar – challenging for the whole body!


Originally from Russia, Natalia was raised in Riga, Latvia, where she trained in gymnastics and choreography from a very young age.

Since then, she has maintained her interest in the art of movement and, more specifically, activities which require strength, flexibility, balance and control. It’s this interest that lead her to Yoga. And it was the unity between both her physical and mental wellbeing that led her to continue her practice and move into teaching.

Natalia also enjoys being an active member of the wider Yoga community, which she feels supports and encourages people both physically and mentally. For her, Yoga acknowledges that it is okay to fall, get up and carry on.

With an emphasis on creating balance, Natalia’s classes will leave you physically energised, mentally restored and grateful for the world around you.

When she’s not teaching Yoga, Natalia enjoys rare teas and she likes to travel the world to find them!