• Elle Magazine

    “After a couple of weeks of doing the exercises, I felt my shoulders broaden and I began holding my head higher. I also realised I was starting to breathe more deeply.”

  • Tatler Gym Awards

    “Ten heals bodies through a tried-and-tested formula: physio, at-home exercises and their famous Reformer Pilates.”

  • Huffington Post

    “If you like Pilates, you'll love this class. If you don't like Pilates, you’ll still love this class”

  • Daily Telegraph

    “Ten Health & Fitness are miracle workers.”

  • Harpers Bazaar

    “If you haven’t tried Ten, trust me when I say it’s a near miracle.”

  • Health Club Management

    “Ten sits at the point where the fitness world meets the medical sector, offering a rehabilitative approach to exercise.”