Make sure you don’t miss out on our latest offers, discounts and giveaways.

Make sure you don’t miss out on our latest offers, discounts and giveaways.


Why come?

Because it’s a combination of Spin and Dynamic Reformer Pilates, it offers an amazing combination of body-sculpting, calorie burning and cardiovascular endurance benefits. It also works the core and upper body harder than a standard Spin class. As it’s low impact, Cardiolates minimises jarring and risk of injury.

Is it right for me?

You’ll need to be proficient at Intermediate or Advanced level, and looking for a more challenging Cardio workout. (We recommend you wear a heart monitor to ensure your heart is working at the right rate for maximum calorie burn. Try the Polar FT2 or FT7F/M.)

What will it be like?

You’ll warm up on the Reformer to activate the primary muscle groups before moving to the bikes for interval training, to maximise the efficiency of the exercise (you’ll burn more calories and exercise both skeletal and cardiac muscles at a higher intensity).

Then it’s back to the Reformer for some highly functional exercises that focus on the core, the upper body, flexibility and posture.

Expect a fast pace, rapid transitions and no breaks.

Results and benefits

You’ll burn more calories, and build greater cardiovascular capability and endurance than in a standard Dynamic Pilates class. At the same time, you’ll do more to build core and upper body strength, improve flexibility and posture, and build long, lean muscles than you would in a typical aerobic workout.

In addition, the way the class is structured means that you’ll get even more out of the workout as the heart rate remains raised during the second Reformer section.

“For cardio-junkies the world over, this Class is the perfect cross training session.”