About Us

At Ten, it’s all about celebrating endorphins. We love the feeling you get at the end of a really good workout, and we love being able to see the benefits afterwards.

For us, it’s not enough that we provide our clients with a dynamic, energising exercise programme that delivers results fast. It’s also important that we provide an experience that’s welcoming, positive and enjoyable.

Everything we do at Ten is designed to help us achieve these goals.

So our Trainers are among the most expert (and the most highly trained) you’ll find anywhere. They’re chosen as much for their attitude and approach as for their expertise.

Our Studios are large, light and welcoming. We offer classes to suit all levels of fitness and experience. In addition, our Personal Training programmes allow you to enjoy the privacy and individual attention of a one-on-one session, and benefit from a workout designed for your specific needs and goals.

“Ten should not be seen as an elite training club, but as one of the most skilled group of trainers you could find, with a warm environment to suit all.”
Pippa Vosper
Maternally Chic

We also have our own in-house Physiotherapists (we’re recognised by all the major private health insurance companies) and Sports Massage Therapists.

Being part of the Ten experience couldn’t be easier. We make it easy to train when you want, how you want. We’re open seven days a week (weekdays, from early to late). And we don’t charge membership or joining fees.