Jumpboard Pilates

“I absolutely loved everything about it, it’s energetic, it’s intense and it sculpts your body.”

– Grazia

Why come to Pilates

Why Come?

Adding a Jumpboard to our Reformers brings additional plyometric and cardio benefts to Dynamic Pilates. The additional upper body exercises, along with the range of movement and control required, will challenge your muscles, body awareness and core control significantly more than a Spin class will.

Is it right for me?

Try Jumpboard if you’re enjoying your Dynamic Pilates sessions but are looking for more variety in your routine, or for more of a cardio workout. This is not a class for complete beginners; you should have a few classes under your belt, be reasonably body-aware, and be looking to work harder and push yourself further.

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What will it be like?

An unapologetically demanding workout. The cardio/plyometrics/pilates combination is every bit as tough as it sounds The routine involves lots of jumping, kicking, pressing, lifting and rotating movements, all designed to challenge and fatigue. So expect to sweat, and feel your legs (and lungs) burning.

What will Pilates be like
Benefits of Pilates

Results & Benefits

The combination of Dynamic Pilates, Plyometrics and Cardio is a great way to help you push past any plateaus in your training, while the extra variety will help keep you interested and motivated.

Expect to see improvements in muscle tone, strength and integration, core activation and cardiovascular endurance, along with better functional body awareness, and with it, reduced pain from any postural misalignments.

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