Privacy Policy

This policy lets you know what happens to any personal information you give to us, or that we may collect from you.

Consent to this Privacy Policy

When you use or access our services and Studios, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, so please do take the time to read it.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may change this policy from time to time, depending on changes in the law and our internal privacy processes. We encourage you to check it from time to time when you visit our website.

Who we are, and how to contact us about data protection

Ten is the trading name of Ten Health & Fitness, which has sites across London. We are a data controller of your personal data.

We have a dedicated data protection officer (DPO) who you contact with any questions regarding our privacy policy by emailing

Page Contents:

  • What kind of personal information we collect
  • Sources of personal information about you
  • Our personal data philosophy
  • What we use your personal information for and the legal grounds
  • Third Party Vendors
  • What to do if your personal information changes
  • How long we retain your personal information for
  • Your rights
  • Your marketing preferences and how to change them


What kind of personal information we collect:

  • Personal and contact details including history such as first name, surname, email, address and phone number
  • Your date of birth, gender and age
  • Family members (if they also use our services and products)
  • Emergency contact information
  • Information about your health – only when relevant to the provision of our services to you (see ‘What we use your personal information for and the legal grounds’)
  • Purchase information – including any products you currently hold with us and/or have purchased in the past
  • Visit information – including past and future appointments and class attendance dates
  • Insurance information – where relevant, for example if you have visited us for Physiotherapy
  • Records of your contact with us  
  • Marketing information including history of communications with you by email, and whether you open them or click on links
  • Financial and transactional data – when you make a payment with us in studio, over the phone, or on our website or app the transaction is processed by our business management software MindBodyOnline. When you make a payment or store billing information with us your personal information is collected by their third party payment processors directly and not by us, and will be subject to the third party’s privacy policy. We have no control over, and are not responsible for, third parties’ collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Information.


For more information please refer to MindBodyOnline’s Privacy Policy and Security Policy 


Sources of personal information about you

There are a number of ways in which we receive personal information from you:

  • Directly, either in person, over the phone, via our website*, or our app
  • From third party platforms you have used to discover and book our services including MindBodyOnline (including their branded app), ClassPass (including their branded app), GymFlex, and Incorpore.
  • Information generated about you when you use our studios, services, and website
  • Referral letters/correspondence from your respective 3rd party referrer (Consultant/GP/Insurance company) if you visit us for Physiotherapy 


Physiotherapy at Ten

As part of patient management, your Physiotherapist will communicate with your referring consultant/GP, and if required, will make referrals to a Consultant/GP as part of your ongoing treatment. Personal information (name, DOB, address, email, phone) will be included as part of this communication. This will be shared via the following mediums, post, email or egress switch. This will be communicated with you beforehand.

If you do not not wish for your Physiotherapist to do this, please inform him or her directly.


The Ten website

Cookies – We collect Cookies from you when you visit our website. These are small text files that are downloaded onto a computer, tablet or mobile device when someone visits a website. They allow the website to recognise that visitor’s device and store some information about the visitor’s preferences or past actions on our site.

We collect cookies so we can analyse how you and others use our site so we can improve it for you and understand our business.

You can switch off cookies off in your browser. We also offer the ability to switch off cookies at the bottom of our website – however that will only apply to cookies collected by us, and not from other sites.

For more information on how we use cookies please see our Cookie Policy.

Registering and your account

When you register an account with all personal data is processed and stored by MindBodyOnline and by registering with you agree to to their Privacy and Security Policy.

We use personalised software which is powered by MindBodyOnline to collect your data when you register on our website. The security of that collection is also reliant on the security of MindBodyOnline API whose Security Policy you agree to when you register with


Our Personal Data Philosophy

We follow industry agreed best practice on data collection, processing and storage for any data we collect from you and we only collect it if it is necessary to provide you with one of our services or if we think it will help us improve our service to you.  

We never buy information about you, or anyone else.

Other than the disclosures referred to in this policy, we will not disclose any personal information without your permission unless we are legally entitled or obliged to do so (for example, if required to do so by Court order or for the purposes of prevention of fraud or other crime) or for fraud and security monitoring purposes, for example, to detect and prevent cyberattacks or attempts to commit identity theft.

Our policy is not to share data unless necessary to manage your bookings with us – for instance with third party platforms as detailed here (anchor link to third parties.)

We never have, and never will, sell our clients’ data.

What we use your personal information for and the legal grounds for doing do:

Where it is needed to provide you with our products or services, such as:

  • Administer and manage the product or service you have with us
  • To process new orders you make and the management of your client account
  • To manage the product or service you have with us 
  • To monitor and keep records of our interactions with you and our staff
  • To improve the quality of our service provision to you  


Where it is in our legitimate interests to do so, such as:

  • For management and auditing of business operations
  • For market research and analysis
  • To develop new products and services and review/improve current products and services
  • For direct marketing communications so we can make you aware of any offers, products and services we think of you might be interested in by email or via Google Custom match (small text ads which you might see on Google Search Network sites if you are logged into your gmail account). We will only contact you and show you offers in this way if you have given your consent to receive news and offers from us.  


To comply with our legal obligations

  • To understand any injuries, illnesses or medical conditions you may have to  ensure your health and safety in the use of our services and products

Although we do not make it compulsory to give us every item of information we ask for and will always make it clear what information is and isn’t optional, the more information you volunteer (and the more accurate it is), the better we can tailor your experience with us.

Please note: if you withhold information from us relating to any injuries, medical conditions or other issues that could affect your ability to exercise or to perform specific exercises safely, we cannot be help responsible or liable for any injuries you suffer as a result.

Third Party Vendors

At Ten Health & Fitness we don’t share your data with any third party other than platforms and technology utilised to service our business. We have no control over, and are not responsible for, third parties’ collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Information.

Below details the third parties we share personal data with and why – and links to their Privacy Policies and Security Policies (where relevant)


MindBodyOnline (MBO) MBO is our business management software in which we store and manage your personal data to enable us to provide our services to you.

The Ten app (MBO and Flurry) The Ten app is powered by MBO software and the same Privacy Policy and Security Policy applies.  

At times we may send you notifications to your phone via the app. You can switch these off for our app, or any other, in the Settings section of your phone.  

Analytics of app data is powered by Flurry analytics and includes the collection of non-personally-identifying information like number of bookings, what model and type of device a user is accessing the app on, what device the app is being accessed on, etc.

ClassPass In booking with us via ClassPass personal information is shared from ClassPass to us. We will only share back information about whether or not you attended your class and/or were late.
Gymflex In booking with us via GymFlex personal information is shared from Gymflex to us.
Incorpore In booking with us via Incorpore personal information is shared from Incorpore to us.
Mailchimp and Mandrill (Rocket Science Group) When you use our services your email data is transferred to our email marketing platform Mailchimp through which we send you marketing communications such as our newsletter and Studio news, and Mandrill which uses data about how you use our services to send you relevant offers to improve your experience with us.

You will only receive these Communications if you opt in to receive them. Information about how to opt in and out of the email communications we send can be viewed here.
Google Analytics We use Google Analytics to analyse how users interact with our site to improve our business processes and your experience with us.
Loyalsnap We use Loyalsnap to be able to send you targeted offers by email, only with your explicit consent



We cannot be responsible for the privacy policies and practices of other websites even if you access them using links from our site and recommend that you check the policy of each site you visit.

What to do if your personal information changes

We aim to keep our information about you as accurate as possible. If you would like to review or change the details you have supplied us with, you may do so at any time, simply by contacting us.

How long we retain your personal information for

We will retain your information for as long as we have reasonable business needs and in line with legal and regulatory requirements or guidance.

Your rights

  • You have the right to object to certain purposes for processing, in particular to data processed for direct marketing purposes and to data processed based on our legitimate interests.
  • You have the right to request access to personal information we store about you and to obtain information about how we process it.
  • You also have the right to request that we erase all personal data about you (“right to be forgotten”)

To do any of the above please contact our Data Protection Officer directly at

Marketing preferences and how to change them

There are several types of emails you can receive from us, ranging from the functional (confirmation that you’ve booked a class) to the fun (details of upcoming offers, discounts, launches etc).

You can opt in or out of any of them, but to allow us to offer you the best possible sevice, it helps if you’re opted in to them all.

1. Newsletters, studio updates, offers and rewards
Weekly (or so) newsletters from Ten, including details of new classes, products or services, information about promotions, discounts or offers that we’re running, along with articles, blogposts, and any other news we hope you’ll find interesting.

You may also receive the occasional update from the Managers of the Studio(s) you train at to keep you up to date about any staff changes, Studio-specific promotions, open evenings or general community news.

If you’re opted into these, you’ll also receive emails relating to your blocks and visit frequency – rewards and thank-you presents from us whenever you reach a particular milestone, for instance, your 50th, 100th, 200th, 300th plus classes (yes we have clients who have done this many classes with us!) and also reminders when your block or package is running out.

These can be opted into in the sign up box at the bottom of our website, and opted out of by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email campaign you receive.

You’ll only ever receive these emails if you asked to receive them with us when you registered or when you subscribed pn our website or at an event.  

2. Account Management updates
If you hold a rolling contract with us, you can opt out of receiving notifications about that – such as when your contract is up for renewal or if the credit card on your account is about to expire. You can ask not to receive these, but it might impact our ability to offer this service to you. You can opt out of these by asking your preferred Studio when you’re next in or by emailing them.

3. Reminders and schedule changes such as:
– class and appointment booking confirmations
– class and appointment booking reminders
– confirmations of any appointment or booking cancellations or changes that you’ve made, or asked to be made (we will never cancel or change a reservation you have with us without getting in touch personally)You can opt out of these by asking your preferred Studio when you’re next in or by emailing them.

How we decide what emails to send to you

We know you’re busy – so we use various methods to decide how and when to email you. These methods include data analysis, best practice, common sense – and last but by no means least, your feedback. We really do want to provide you with the best experience as possible, so please don’t hesitate to send any feedback about any aspect of your experience with Ten to