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Why come to TRX

Why Come?

You’ll be challenged by the deliberate instability of this intense bodyweight-based workout. You’ll work hard to maintain your position throughout each exercise, engaging more muscles to do so and burning more calories as a result. You’ll also work on getting the right posture and alignment, with lots of individual attention from your Trainer.

Is it right for me?

You don’t need any TRX experience, but you do need to be pretty fit, strong and capable. This is a tough, energetic and results-driven class, that will make your muscles burn, your heart pound, and raise your body temperature.

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What will it be like?

Demanding and, like all Ten classes, varied. The warm-up uses Pilates techniques to stretch and prepare the stabilising muscles, and set you up for the more demanding circuit-based exercises to come. You’ll work between 2-4 different stations per session, focusing on different muscle groups to ensure the entire body is challenged, interspersed with periods of high intensity interval training. You’ll finish with a stretch section to aid muscle recovery.

What will TRX be like
Benefits of TRX

Results & Benefits

TenRX delivers visible benefits quickly. Strengthening the local and global muscles in synergy generates an all-round posturally-correct, muscular, lean body. And because you’re using more of your bodyweight more often and for greater duration, you’ll also see improvements in your strength-to-bodyweight ratio, muscular endurance and muscle tone. You’ll also see increased cardio benefits and an elevated resting metabolism for up to 24 hours after a class.

45 minutes.

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