Intermediate Reformer Pilates

“Fabulous buzzed-up style of ultra-dynamic Pilates that delivers aerobic benefits as well as seriously swift body-shaping”

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Two women in blue vest tops, performing tricep exercises using Pilates Reformer straps at a Ten Health & Fitness studio

Why Come to a Reformer Pilates Intermediate Class?

Our Intermediate Classes are a definite ‘change-up’ from our beginners sessions, with the emphasis placed firmly on effort, focus and results.

If this this your first Intermediate Pilates Class, you should be prepared for a step up in intensity and demand from the workouts. Ten’s expert trainers have hundreds or exercise sequences to choose from, all designed to push you further, challenge your strength and stability, and enhance the results you see.

Is Intermediate Pilates right for me?

Intermediate Pilates is the right choice for you if you are fully comfortable with the Reformer, understand how the core muscles work, and be able to activate them correctly. If you’ve already seen some improvement in your core strength and flexibility and you’re ready to take it to the next level, then this is the Class for you.

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What will a Reformer Pilates Intermediate workout be like?

Intermediate Classes are faster, louder and more intense. Expect significantly more variety – there are literally hundreds of exercises for your Trainer to choose from. On average, you’ll work through twice as many exercises as in the Beginners Class, all more challenging.

The Intermediate Pilates routines are duration based, and you’ll work through to fatigue (the point where you can’t do any more) on each one.

A woman in a blue vest top performing an oblique side plank on a Pilates Reformer, with the support a Ten Health & Fitness Personal Trainer
A woman in a black top and blue leggings holding an Pilates Teaser on a Pilates Box

Results and Benefits of Intermediate Pilates

By progressing to Intermediate Classes, you’ll quickly see new levels of core strength, flexibility, and aerobic fitness. The increasing demand of the Intermediate exercises means your posture will improve; you’ll stand taller and straighter, and your physique will become leaner and more toned.

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FAQ’s about Reformer Pilates for Intermediates

  • Am I ready to move to Intermediate?

    Before doing an Intermediate Class, you must have done at least one Beginners Class. This is to make sure you’re comfortable with the equipment, techniques and some of the basic Pilates moves that underpin the Ten programme, before you start pushing yourself harder. (It’s not unusual even for people who’ve done Pilates before to discover that their technique on the Reformer is not as good as they thought it was.) You can then move up to Intermediate Classes as soon as you think you’re ready. Generally speaking, you’re ready to move up if you have a solid understanding of the basic moves and how to execute them correctly, are taking the harder progressions in the Class without having to take a break or reset too often, and feel like you could still push yourself a bit harder. There’s no shame in doing a few more Beginners sessions to make sure your technique is up to scratch - you‘ll need it in Intermediates! If you want a slightly gentler introduction to Intermediate Classes, try one of our Beginners to Intermediate progression Classes. If in doubt, we’d always recommend asking your Instructor if they think you’re ready.

  • What’s the difference between Beginners and Intermediate?

    Intermediate Classes are designed to push the body a little harder and increase your strength and endurance, so the biggest differences are in the pace and intensity of the Class. Participants are expected to know the fundamentals, so we can increase the complexity and intensity of the movements and add additional loads, with weights and different spring selections. You’ll get through more exercises per Class than in a Beginners - the movements are harder, there are fewer rests and the transitions between exercises are faster.

  • What skills do I need to move to Intermediate?

    You should be comfortable with the Reformer, all the basic moves and how to execute them correctly, before moving to Intermediate. You should be able to complete a Beginners Class without having to stop or reset too often, and still feel like you have a bit left in the tank.

  • How much harder is Intermediate than Beginners?

    It’s definitely a step up. The exercises are more challenging and will challenge your strength, balance and stamina more than a Beginners Class. You’ll get through more exercises per Class and spend less time on setups. However, don’t worry if you find yourself struggling a bit - it is a workout after all - and your instructor can offer regressions if you’re having trouble with a particular exercise.

  • If I have an injury, can I do Intermediate?

    That depends on the injury, but as long as it’s not too significant, and your overall strength and mobility elsewhere is not affected, we should be able to accommodate it. If in doubt, ask your Physio or your instructor.

  • How can I learn more about Reformer Pilates?

    Our blog has all the advice you could want. From essential equipment, to health benefits. From sports specific advice to tips to maximise your workout our blog should be your first port of call for all things reformer pilates.