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A few minutes from Ladbroke Grove, Ten’s light, bright Notting Hill Studio offers the full breadth of services, from Dynamic Pilates to Personal Training, Massage to Physiotherapy. As Ten’s West London HQ, it’s also our biggest set-up, with 3 studios, 3 therapy rooms and a gym.

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Edward MilneEdward Milne
00:54 31 Aug 23
Went a bit out of my comfort zone trying reformer pilates but I'm glad I did...it's a nice setting... I enjoyed it ...and I felt great afterwards. The reception staff are friendly and welcoming, and Lauren, the instructor, is a very good teacher...patient with my Borat-style moves whilst I was trying to understand what it is I should be doing but combining it with a great sense of humour...making people feel at ease.
Iris SchafferIris Schaffer
17:29 23 Mar 22
Love, love, LOVE Ten! I was referred here for physio after slipping a disc and have since become a regular for their dynamic reformer pilates, and I also use their PT service ever ~6 weeks.And so far, it's been absolutely amazing. All physios and trainers have been friendly, and open, and they really listened to my problems and what I wanted to get out of the different sessions. And rather than loud, aggressive music and drill sergeant instructors shouting "faster" at you, you get caring professionals who ask everyone about former injuries, keep an eye out for technique, and check in with you regularly throughout the session. This doesn't mean the session is any less challenging, btw, but it makes it easier to go at my pace, which has been especially important on bad back days.Thanks to all the incredible people at Ten, I am now back to regularly lifting weights, and despite my recent injury, I can do so with confidence.
Cassandra MaxwellCassandra Maxwell
16:25 25 Feb 22
great pilates instructors and physios - friendly atmosphere
amitha kalaichandranamitha kalaichandran
01:10 12 Nov 21
Absolutely LOVED my time at Ten pilates Notting Hill -- especially my classes with Brett, Maya & Mandy. It's helpful to mix it up between beginner, intermediate and advanced as the sequences are a bit different. Front desk staff were friendly and very helpful. While I wasn't in London for long -- 2 months-- I quickly got back into shape, saw my strength/posture and flexibility improve, etc. I'll definitely be back. :)
Christopher CraigChristopher Craig
14:25 13 Jul 21
After an afternoon run led to days of escalating knee pain, I'd sought treatment from both my GP and an urgent care in an effort to understand the extent of my injury as well as pain mitigation techniques. After one physio session with Amy, I have a much better understanding of my injury and what recovery looks like. I'm already learning about my safe range of motion, how to offload my knee when performing different activities, and how I can strengthen other muscle groups to prevent reinjury later.I normally don't leave reviews after only one service, but I can't say enough good things about Amy and Ten. From booking me in the same day, listening to my concerns and answering my questions, to fully explaining the nature of my injury and describing the path forward, I absolutely know that I'll make a full recovery and leave Ten stronger than I was before before my injury.
Mind and Brain AgencyMind and Brain Agency
13:47 08 Feb 18
I am very pleased with the experience I’ve had at Ten and especially Matt Statten’s classes. I have followed his beginners, intermediate and advanced classes with great pleasure, sometimes sweat and “pain” but always with a great satisfaction. Not only are his classes balanced, highly adaptable to one’s personal fitness level, challenging and safe, but he also varies each of them. He never replicates the same workouts, which is something trainers tend to do. Matt puts a lot of thoughts into his sessions and is attentive to each of us, correcting us constantly while keeping an impeccable flow of the class. And it’s great fun!

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