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Our Little Venice Pilates Studio and Physiotherapy Clinic is a serene, private space in which our Pilates Instructors, Physios and Massage Therapists help clients achieve a healthy and balanced body and mind. Perfectly positioned for anyone living in West London, including Maida Vale, St John’s Wood and Paddington Basin, the premises are located a few minutes’ walk from Warwick Avenue tube (Bakerloo line) or Royal Oak (Piccadilly line), opposite the entrance to Clifton Nurseries.

Opening hours

  • Mon – Wed: 08:00–20:00
  • Thu: 08:00–21:00
  • Fri: 08:00–20:00
  • Sat – Sun: 09:00–16:00


  • 28 Bristol Gardens
    London W9 2JQ
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    (Closest Tube: Warwick Avenue)
  • 020 7286 5000

About the Studio

Our Little Venice Studio specialises in Classical Pilates – available as 1-1, 2-1 and small group classes – Physiotherapy and Massage therapy.

Working on a selection of Classical Pilates equipment in private sessions or small group classes of no more than four, clients will discover a friendly and tranquil environment in which to safely and effectively transform their bodies, under the attentive guidance of some of the most qualified Pilates Instructors in London.

For those with injuries and conditions that need a little extra care, you can also expect the same calibre of welcoming and expert care from our onsite Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists as you'll find in any Ten Physiotherapy Clinic.

Little Venice Pilates

Little Venice Pilates & Physiotherapy @ Ten Health & Fitness
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Noah MorrisonNoah Morrison
02:49 08 Aug 22
I've been attending classes with Aydanne for a few months now and results have been fantastic. Has brought a tremendous amount of self-awareness to my body which I've never had before, which in turn has helped me with my posture and back pain tremendously. Has also made me noticeably taller! Her classes are consistently fun and engaging to attend. Highly recommend.
22:34 06 Aug 22
I have been attending this studio for 9 years and it has been my salvation for lower back problems. In the past 6 months I have been doing pilates with Aydanne and she is an extraordinary instructor, very knowledgeable! Justyna is also an amazing massage therapist. I am so fortunate to have the two of them helping me in my postpartum recovery
Margaret NygrenMargaret Nygren
09:05 01 Aug 22
I’ve been attending this studio for nearly a decade. When it reopened after lockdown there were some new teachers. In particular, Aydanne King is absolutely extraordinary, bringing remarkable knowledge and a wonderful ability to communicate.
Claudia MarcóClaudia Marcó
21:34 10 Jul 18
I used to go to Little Venice Pilates & Physioterapy last year for aprox 6 months. The osteopath therapy from Eleonora Sansori was extremelly helpful. She is a very sweet and close person and I followed all her recommendations. I would loved to continue my therapy with her but I had to come back to Spain. If I could, I would go to the Little Venice Pilates and Physioterapy Centre once or twice a week!
Juliet WilesJuliet Wiles
21:31 20 Jun 18
I have been going to the Little Venice Studio for around 5 years and absolutely love my sessions with Eleonora. Her dedication, patience and commitment to her clients is really exceptional and I have seen fantastic results with drastic improvements to my alignment and increased strength and flexibility.
21:02 11 Nov 14
Absolutely wonderful Pilates studio with lots more to offer as well (physio, osteo, massage, etc.). I work with Isabel and she is fantastic. Susan at the desk is professional and kind. The atmosphere is friendly and flexible. I have seen great results. Highly recommend.

Pilates at Little Venice

Your personalised journey to better movement and improved well-being.

Pilates at Little Venice combines all the body-sculpting, movement-refining, pain-reducing and posture-enhancing benefits of the Classical Pilates Method with Ten’s trademark focus on the latest insights from exercise science.

Drawing upon their vast experience of working with hundreds of clients, our highly-experienced Pilates Instructors will provide you with a personalised experience tailored to your unique needs, with careful consideration of any biomechanical or other health concerns.

Pilates at Little Venice

What to expect:

After an initial Pilates Screening your Instructor will create a focused programme tailored to your body. You will then progress to 1-1, 2-1 or small group classes depending on your individual needs and preferences.

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Pilates at Little Venice

Results and Benefits:

Backed by the latest movement science and with a focus on precision and detail, through tailored, personal Pilates training you can expect immediate and lasting effects including:

  • Full body strengthening and sculpting
  • Improved flexibility and mobility
  • Strengthened joints and injury prevention
  • Improved balance, coordination and body awareness
  • Decreased back pain and speedier recovery from injury
  • Better posture and core strength

Types of Pilates at Little Venice:

  • Mat Pilates at Little Venice

    Mat Pilates

    – 1-1/Private
    – Small Group Class (Max 4)

    Mat Pilates

    A mix of traditional Mat Pilates and Ten’s advanced movement techniques, this floor-based form of Pilates is the perfect way to understand and develop the basic principles and techniques of Pilates. It’s particularly suitable for anyone with back problems, poor balance or low muscular strength.

  • Classical Pilates at Little Venice

    Classical Pilates

    – 1-1/Private
    – 2-1
    – Small Group Class (Max 4)

    Classical Pilates

    This session uses cutting edge Pilates equipment, including the Reformer, Ladder Barrel, Wunda Chair and Cadillac, to help isolate and treat specific issues and target parts of the body neglected in other forms of exercise.

  • Pregnancy Pilates at Little Venice

    Pre & Post Natal Pilates

    – 1-1/Private
    – Small Group Class (Max 4)

    Pre & Post Natal Pilates

    These floor and equipment based sessions provide a gentle and effective way to prepare the body for the physical demands of giving birth, and support recovery afterwards.


Exclusive offers for our Little Venice Clients:
Two 1-1 Pilates sessions for £130 | Two 2-1 Pilates sessions for £85pp
Pilates assessment

Before taking part in any Pilates session at Little Venice we ask that you start with an introductory assessment, which will enable our team to create a programme tailored to your needs and goals.

Private / 1-1 Pilates

Private / 1-1 Pilates

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2-1 Equipment Pilates

2-1 Pilates

If you don't already have a friend who you would like to train with, no problem. You don't need to find a second person, we'll do that for you.

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Small Group Pilates Classes

Small Group Pilates Classes

Please book via our Class Timetable. An introductory assessment is still required before taking part in these classes.

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Physiotherapy and Massage

Physiotherapy & Massage

Please purchase physiotherapy and massage sessions and blocks via our pricing page.

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Timetable & Booking

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    What Our Clients Say

    “Since starting three years ago – I no longer have any back pain – I love my mat classes, my new abs and the LVP community!”

    Steff Roeg, Client

    “The physiotherapy practice at Little Venice Pilates is progressive, professional and practical. My treatment was highlighted by the warmth of the staff, whose commitment to returning me to active training fired me with enthusiasm in the midst of the despair of injury.”

    Angus MacGowan

    “I started at Little Venice Pilates just hoping that pilates might be the exercise to help strengthen my body after a knee injury, enough to allow me to train gently in the gym. 10 weeks later my muscle definition has improved, my back pains have almost gone and I have the stamina, energy and strength to box – without caution – in the gym.”

    Charlotte Hickson

    “Following a particularly severe episode of back pain I attended physiotherapy at Little Venice Pilates. My physio was quick to diagnose the causes of the problem, and I was impressed with the genuine concern and care she and her colleague showed. After getting my back mobile and pain free she encouraged me to practice Pilates once at week, supported with a series of home exercises. These have really worked for me, and the Pilates classes have turned out to be thoroughly enjoyable. I should also add that I am a bloke and really hadn't considered going to a Pilates class before! A very positive experience and one that has made a real difference.”

    Caolan Robertson

    “Great osteopathic treatment with Eleonora Sansoni, she really listened, gave me a better understanding of what was happening and delivered an effective treatment which has taken my pain away!”

    Matt, Client