Recovery Massage

Why Come

Why Come?

Most professional athletes will have some kind of therapeutic massage after almost every training session to aid workout recovery. But we can all benefit from incorporating more regular massage sessions into our lives to counteract the stresses that are placed on our bodies and minds through physical exercise, illness or just 21st century modern life.

The therapeutic massage techniques used during a Recovery Massage session are specifically targeted towards stimulating the lymphatic system, which form part of the body’s immune and recovery systems. Whilst Sports Massage techniques often focus on relieving specific muscle tension or chronic pain, the focus of a Recovery Massage session is on restoring the body to optimum function through increasing and improving the flow of lymph, alongside techniques that boost overall health.

Unlike classic massage, these sessions require specialised training and understanding of the body’s lymphatic system. By restoring the flow and drainage of lymph, Recovery Massages can aid the immune system in effectively removing nasty waste and toxins from the body.

Your therapist will use specific lymphatic drainage massage techniques to reinvigorate this natural immune function, alongside more restorative, rhythmic strokes to boost mood and increase a sense of wellbeing, alongside other benefits.

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Is Recovery Massage right for me?

Sports and workout recovery

Regular Recovery Massage sessions are the best way to prevent and treat the discomfort of the dreaded DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). By reducing inflammation and improving cellular repair functions post exercise, you’ll improve the rate of recovery between workouts and improve your performance during the activities you enjoy.

Following injury and illness

Lymphatic drainage massage techniques are particularly beneficial when you have swelling or inflammation following an injury or surgery (swelling often pools when the lymphatic system is too full). It has been shown to be particularly beneficial following breast cancer treatment when lymph nodes are removed; when you have fluid retention, or if you want to stave off or recover sooner from everyday colds and flu.

Anyone suffering from stress or looking to enhance their wellbeing

Even if you’re not injured or ill, the therapeutic massage techniques used in a Recovery Massage will help promote the natural healing responses of your body and encourage mood boosting hormones like endorphins and serotonin, improving your resilience against physical and mental strain.

Is it right for me

Recovery Massage Techniques

  • – Effleurage/flush

    Used to start and finish most types of massage session, effleurage is used to encourage relaxation, stimulate the nerves, improve circulation, warm the tissues, and assess the state of the body at the start of the session. In this massage technique, stroking movements are carried out with the palm of the hand and fingers with varying pressures and speed.

  • – Long deep stroking

    This is a relaxing but deep massage technique (think deeper effleurage), that will lengthen out tight muscles but not create the ‘bruised’ feeling that more forceful massage techniques can create.

  • – Lymphatic drainage massage

    Lymphatic drainage is a therapeutic massage treatment. The massage uses very light pressure and long, gentle, rhythmic strokes to increase the flow of lymph.

    This type of massage is very specific and targeted. It involves careful strokes directed centrally towards your lymph nodes to assist your body’s natural removal of swelling and toxins from your limbs and improve functioning of the immune system.

Benefits of Assisted Stretching

Results and Benefits of Recovery Massage

Optimises immune function to promote healing, preventing illness and improving recovery times after illness, injury and surgery

Encourages the restorative processes of your body by reducing heart rate, blood pressure and levels of stress hormone whilst boosting levels of endorphins and serotonin (your body’s natural painkillers and mood enhancers), creating a sense of wellbeing, whilst reducing stress, anxiety and other mood disorders

Speeds up sports and workout recovery times by decreasing inflammation and easing sore and achey muscles leaving you feeling lighter and looser and able to train again sooner, and more effectively

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