VALD force plate testing

What is a VALD Screening?

A VALD screening involves a series of functional tests using force plate technology to assess your weight distribution, force production, and power. This includes evaluating your landing mechanics, complete balance and principal movement patterns, such as squatting and jumping.

By providing precise, real-time data, these 30 min sessions allow our physiotherapists to offer you personalised recommendations, that can both prevent your risk of injury and enhance your performance.

VALD Screening

Is it right for me?

VALD force plate testing is suitable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels, and ideal for anyone looking for a highly informed, bespoke approach to their fitness regime.

Ultimately, the screening provides valuable insights that are designed to promote longevity, and help you improve overall physical function and quality of life. Some of the key benefits of VALD screening are;

– Injury Prevention

The screening can identify potential imbalances or weaknesses that may increase your injury risk, allowing for targeted interventions to mitigate these concerns.

– Early Intervention

Identifying any biomechanical deficiencies enables early corrective measures, helping to prevent minor issues from developing into more serious injuries or limitations.

– Performance Enhancement

By analysing your force production and absorption patterns, the screening can uncover areas to improve your movement efficiency and enhance your athletic performance.

– Personalised Guidance

The comprehensive force plate assessment provides a thorough understanding of your capabilities, allowing for the development of tailored training programs and rehabilitation plans to address your specific needs.

– Ongoing Monitoring

Regular screenings can track changes in your movement patterns and force production over time, enabling adjustments to your program to maintain optimal performance and reduce injury risk.

VALD Screening

What to expect?

Led by one of Ten’s expert Physiotherapists, the VALD Screening assessment is divided into three parts:

1. Introduction – Your physiotherapist will run through a set of questions designed to better understand your goals and any previous injuries or barriers that may be relevant.

2. Testing - Functional testing on the force plates, with the practitioner identifying two key metrics to address.

3. Results – You’ll receive a detailed report after your session, which will include personalised recommendations based on your results. This may also include a further referral to a one of our experts in Physiotherapy, Sports Massage, Personal Training or Classes where beneficial.

VALD Screening tests last 30 minutes and cost £65.

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VALD Screening