Advanced Reformer Pilates

“It’s tough but worth it as you see your body become smaller, leaner and tighter.”

– Harper’s Bazaar

A woman with long, brown hair doing an oblique exercise in a Reformer Pilates Class

Why Come to an Advanced Pilates Class?

When you’re used to our Intermediate Classes and want more, welcome to the ultimate Dynamic Pilates workout. In this Class, you will learn to master even more Advanced Pilates moves that will challenge both your physical and mental strength.

Is Advanced Reformer Pilates right for me?

You need to be a proficient Intermediate to progress to Advanced level – and ready to push yourself harder and further. You’ll need good levels of fitness, stamina, flexibility, core strength and technical capability. (If you’re not sure, ask your Trainer).

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What will an Advanced Pilates workout be like?

Advanced Pilates workouts are relentless. You’ll need to focus even more and work even harder; with more set-ups, tougher progressions, faster changeovers, much less explanation than our other Classes and absolutely no let-up.

The moves are more intense, and highly functional, working different muscle groups together to increase the effort and control required, improving overall strength and endurance, and burning calories faster.

A man in a blue shirt and grey shorts sitting on a Pilates Reformer Box, performing an oblique exercise with weights
Two women doing Advanced Pilates stretches face down on a Pilates Reformer Box in a Ten Health & Fitness Studio

Results and Benefits of Advanced Pilates

Advanced Pilates Classes work on the places other routines can’t even find. This is an unapologetically serious workout, so expect to see significant improvements in strength, flexibility, body-sculpting and muscle tone.

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FAQ’s about Advanced Reformer Pilates

  • Am I ready to move to Advanced Classes?

    There are three ways to decide. First, at the start of your next Intermediate Class ask your instructor to keep an eye on you during the class and let you know afterwards if they think you’re ready for our Advanced Pilates Classes. Second, come to one of our Intermediate to Advanced progression Classes. And thirdly, self-assess. If you are familiar and comfortable with all the setups for your Intermediate exercises, take all the harder progressions through an Intermediate Class, but still have a little bit left to give, you’re probably ready for an Advanced Pilates workout!

  • What skills do I need to move to Advanced Classes?

    You should have a solid understanding of all the Intermediate moves and how to execute them correctly before moving on to Advanced Pilates exercises and Classes. You should also be able to manage most, if not all, of the harder progressions in your Intermediate Classes.

  • How long does it take to move to up to Advanced Pilates Classes?

    There’s no easy answer to this. It’s all dependent on the individual and their fitness levels, experience, goals and injury history. You must have done at least one Beginners Class before you can attend an Intermediate or Advanced class. And before trying your first Advanced Pilates workout, we strongly recommend that you’ve become comfortable with the Intermediate-level exercises and can take the harder progressions. As a rule of thumb, once you feel like you are taking all the harder progressions in a class, or feel a progress plateau, that is usually the sign to move up.

  • Is Advanced still recommended for rehabilitation purposes?

    That depends completely depends on what and how bad your injury is. Advanced Classes are an unapologetically challenging workout. Exercises can still be modified to take account of areas of weakness or injury, but not as easily as they can in Beginners or Intermediate Classes. Generally speaking, Beginners is usually the go-to Class if you are dealing with injuries, especially if you are still doing rehab for them, as it is a slower pace and intensity levels are lower. We would always recommend asking your Physiotherapist which level you should be working at.

  • How can I learn more about Reformer Pilates?

    Our blog has all the advice you could want. From essential equipment, to health benefits. From sports specific advice to tips to maximise your workout our blog should be your first port of call for all things reformer pilates.