Client – Questions and Answers

How is Ten's Dynamic Reformer Pilates different from mat-based Pilates?

Unlike mat based Pilates, Ten’s Dynamic Reformer Pilates workout is a highly active and dynamic exercise class, and a moderate level of exercise history is required to participate. However, with a choice of beginners, intermediate and Advanced classes, and a small class sizes, our expert Trainers can adapt the movements and routines for each individual, allowing everyone to progress at his or her own level.

I’m already fit. What can Ten add to my existing fitness routine?

Quite a lot. Just ask any of the elite and professional athletes – including triathletes, runners, and professional footballers, rugby, tennis and hockey players who are turning to reformer-based Pilates to help them add flexibility and core strengthening to their existing fitness routines in order to enhance body conditioning, improve performance, reduce the risk of injury, and add extra variety to their training.

I am pregnant. Is this form of Pilates suitable?

Our Dynamic Reformer Pilates classes are challenging, high-energy classes. Correctly managed, Dynamic reformer Pilates is safe and can be practices throughout pregnancy. However if you are pregnant, for your and your baby’s safety, it is essential that you read our Prenatal guidelines before booking.

I have an injury - or am recovering from one - can I still do a Ten class?

If you have suffered a significant injury – either recently or in the past – you will need to speak to our Trainers before attending a class. Depending on the severity of the injury and the extent of your recovery from it, you may need to consult a doctor for a medical clearance form.

Do I need to be fit for a Ten workout?

Not necessarily. With a maximum of ten people in a class, and different class levels available, this allows for people with different fitness levels to participate.

How often do I need to come?

Whilst this is the most common question asked, the answer is always different. Your personal goals, exercise history and general level of fitness will all determine the impact that exercises has on your body, and the frequency that will best help you achieve the results you’re looking for. Please speak to a Trainer for your individual assessment.

Why would I do rehabilitation training?

Whether you are recovering from injury, surgery or illness, are living with a chronic issue or pain (including back, neck or shoulder pain) but just don’t know where to start, Ten’s rehabilitation Trainers will help you every step of the way. Rehabilitation training focuses on slow isolated exercises, to engage, ‘reprogramme’ or ‘re-train’ the muscles into activating in the correct sequence. Because it obliges the body to perform movements efficiently without subconscious muscular ‘cheating’ and/or postural assists, it’s a highly effective way of re-training bad habits or re-engaging muscles that have not been activated because of previous injury/surgery or skeletal anomalies i.e. scoliosis.

How old can someone be to attend classes and personal training sessions?

People have to be 18 to take part in any of our classes or Personal Training sessions.

What am I getting for my money?

The quality and standard of the training and equipment used in a Tens class is second to none. All our Trainers have in-depth experience and are educated to degree level or equivalent – even before they go through the industry-accredited Ten Academy. The equipment is imported from America and custom-adapted in the UK to suit TenPilates needs. Our Studios are maintained to a high level ensuring the needs of our clients are not just met but exceeded. We provide fresh towels, washing facilities and products, and a warm welcome. Unlike many other studios we do not charge a membership or joining fee so you only pay when you come and not when you don’t.

Annual/Monthly memberships

What are the Annual/Monthly memberships?

These are not memberships in the same sense as a typical gym membership. There are no hidden penalties and no small print. Our memberships are designed to be as simple and transparent as possible.

The Annual Membership gives you 200 classes and a year to use them in, along with a number of additional benefits. The Monthly Memberships give you either 12, 10, 7, 4 or unlimited classes per month, also with a number of additional benefits.

For monthly Memberships, all we ask from you is a minimum 3-month commitment and 31 days notice of cancellation (in writing please – email is fine). There are no direct debits involved either. Instead we ask you to commit to a minimum of 3 monthly payments to be taken from your nominated credit card.

How do I buy them?

Memberships can be set up online, in Studio or over the phone.

Annual Membership FAQ’s

How do I claim my complimentary socks? 

Your client advisor will give you these when you sign up or next visit the studio

How do I claim my complimentary water bottle? 

Your client advisor will give you these when you sign up or next visit the studio

How do I find out about Masterclasses?

Upcoming Masterclasses are listed on our Upcoming Events, Courses + Workshops page. You will also see advance notice of upcoming Masterclasses our regular Client Newsletter. You will need to sign up for our newsletters in order to receive them. You can do that here. NB: our newsletters will also let you know about news and developments at Ten that we think may be of interest to you including Studio launches, upcoming events, offers and promotions.

What does advance booking mean and how do I do it? 

You will be able to see and book classes on the schedule past your renewal date while your membership is active. Please note, you will need to have renewed your membership in order to attend advance booked classes.

Can I freeze my block if I go away? 

We do not offer freezes, however, as this is an annual membership you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your classes.

Can I make monthly instalments? 


What if I change my mind, can I get a refund?

No refunds are available on this membership, but where there are exceptional circumstances, refund requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

What happens to any unused classes at the end of the membership?

If you renew your Annual Membership any unused classes from the previous year can be carried over.

How do I get the 20% retail discount and what does it cover? 

When you buy the Annual Membership, this discount will automatically be applied to any retail items you buy (clothing, food, drink, hair and skincare, Physio, Massage and exercise products etc.) Please note, this discount only applies when there is a current annual membership in place.

Can I accrue my late cancellations?

No. The Annual Membership entitles you to one late cancellation or no-show per month one per month. However, they cannot be carried over.

How do I use my late cancellations?

Your first late cancellation or no-show per month is free. If you have any further late cancellations or no-shows in the same calendar month, a class credit will be debited from your account. This will happen automatically – there is nothing that you need to do.

What if a class is cancelled, do I get my credit back? 

Yes, we will always return your class credit if we have cancelled a class at the last minute.

Monthly membership FAQ’s

Is there a minimum commitment? 

3 months

What is my notice period if I want to terminate?

We ask for 31 days notice of termination. This must be in writing (email is fine.).

What does advance booking mean and how do I do it? 

Although the Monthly memberships entitle you to a set number of classes per month, advance booking allows you to book scheduled classes in upcoming months. Please note, you will need to have an active monthly membership in order to attend advance booked classes.

Can I roll any unused classes over to the following month? 


What if a class is cancelled, do I get my credit back? 

Yes, we will always return your class credit if we have cancelled a class last minute.

I want more classes this month. Can I top up my Monthly membership?

You can buy additional classes at £22 each. You can buy top-up classes in Studio or over the phone or online. There is no limit to the number of top-up classes you can buy, but please note, these classes have a 4-week expiry period.

I’m already on a rolling contract (10 classes) – do I get the perks too? 

Unfortunately not. You will need to upgrade to the new Annual or Monthly Memberships to get the relevant benefits.

I’m already on a rolling contract (10 classes) – how do I upgrade to one of the newer options?

It’s easy. Just speak to your home studio. They can get you set up right away. You’ll just need to sign a new agreement the next time you’re in the studio.

I’m already on a rolling contract (10 classes) – how long can I stay on this for?

If you were on a rolling contract before Sept 1st 2018, you can stay on the same contract at the same price, until December 31st. Please note that the rolling contract does not entitle to any of the additional benefits offered by the new Monthly Memberships, however you can upgrade to the new memberships, and their benefits, at any time.

Can I freeze my block if I go away?

No. We do not offer freezes, however, after your 3-month minimum commitment period you can always terminate and reactive your membership when you are home – your home Studio will help you do that.

Class Blocks

I didn't use all my classes within the expiry time. Can I extend it?

Blocks can only be extended in exceptional circumstances and at the Studio manager’s discretion.

Can I freeze the block while I'm away?

We do not offer freezes on blocks for holidays. However if you planning on going away for a long time or travel frequently with work please contact your home studio as are we may be able to help you transfer your classes to a more suitable block.

I'm sick/injured and won't be in class for a while, what happens to my block?

If you are unable to train due to illness, injury or other medical reasons, we are able to extend the expiry of blocks on receipt of a note you’re your doctor, consultant, Physio, midwife or other medical professional.

I came to class but it says I late cancelled/didn't show

All efforts are made to ensure that our sign-in is accurate, however, when you come to a class or session, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have been signed in correctly.

The Classes

What do I need to know for my first class?

If you’re coming to Pilates and this is your first class with us, you must book a Beginners class, even if you have done Reformer Pilates before, so that you can be introduced to our method of Dynamic Reformer Pilates- specifically, the equipment, techniques and some of the basic exercises that underpin the Ten programme.

Whatever class you’re doing, you should make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes early. This is to allow you enough time to complete our registration form and meet the Trainer. This is for your safety – so please be aware that if you have not done this before the class starts, you may not be able to train.

You’re going to get hot during the class, so you’ll need to wear something that’s comfortable and will allow you to move freely (most people wear stretch pants or shorts and a t-shirt or sports top).

If you’re coming to a Dynamic Reformer Pilates or a Reformer Pilates based class, you’ll need grip socks (if you don’t have any, don’t worry – they’re available to but at Reception).

If you’re new to Reformer Pilates, get your first pair of Ten Grip Socks for just £12. Available in Studio only.

You’ll need trainers for Personal Training sessions.

If you’re coming for a mat based / bodyweight class or Barre we recommend bare feet or grip socks.

For our Yoga classes you will be expected to practice with bare feet.

We have changing facilities; water and towels are provided. Please note that we are reducing our use of plastic cups so encourage you to bring your own water or water bottles.(They are also available for sale in Studio). Please note there are no drinking cups available at our Fitzrovia Studio, but both offer water and water bottles for sale.

Should I arrive early for a class?

If it is your first class please arrive 10 minutes early to complete the pre exercise questionnaire and to meet your Trainer. If you are running late then please call the Studio to inform them. Please see below for information on our late policy.

Is personal training available?

Yes, we offer Personal Training at all our Studios. All Ten trainers are highly qualified, and experienced. For further inquires about Personal Training please contact your preferred Studio.

Do you operate a waiting list?

We operate a waiting list for all of our classes; if somebody cancels, the person at the top of the waiting list will automatically be put in the class. If that’s you, an email will be sent to you informing you and we ask that you confirm your place in the class by replying to the email as soon as possible. If we do not hear from you, we will try to contact you by phone. If we are not able to do that, your place may be given to the next person on the waitlist. Please note that once you have confirmed your place in the class, our cancellation policy still applies.

Can I manage my bookings online?

You can manage all your bookings and purchases online, either via our website or the Ten App (available on Apple and Android devices)

Are there changing rooms and facilities?

We have changing rooms and facilities in all of our Studios. There are shower facilities at all Studios except for our Little Venice studio.

Can I share my classes?

Some, but not all, blocks can be shared. If you would like to do this, please ask in Studio and we will be able to advise you further.

Can I buy gift cards?

Yes, you can purchase them online and offline with an amount of your choice. All gift cards are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Please ask in Studio for more details.

How far can you book in advance?

You can book your classes 6 months in advance.

What boroughs are the Studios in?

› Notting Hill – Kensington and Chelsea
› Chiswick – Hounslow
› St James’s – Westminster
› Nine Elms – Wandsworth
› Hatton Garden – Camden
› City – City of London
› Little Venice – Westminster
› Fitzrovia – Westminster

Where is the closest tube station?

› Notting Hill – Ladbroke Grove
› Notting Hill Gate – Notting Hill Gate
› Chiswick – Turnham Green
› St James’s – Green Park
› Nine Elms – Nine Elms
› Hatton Garden – Farringdon
› City – Liverpool Street
› Little Venice Pilates – Warwick Avenue
› Fitzrovia – Oxford Circus or Great Portland Street

Ten Formalities

How late can you be before you aren’t allowed into the class?

If you are more than 5 minutes late you will not be allowed into the class, as you will have missed the warm up and it would be unsafe to let you enter the class.

How long are my classes valid for?

Excluding Annual or Monthly Memberships and unless specified otherwise, classes are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Do you give refunds on services?

Refunds are available on all services, excluding memberships, providing they are unused and still within their valid date. An administration fee of £50 is applicable.

Do you give refunds on products?

Refunds are available on all full-price items, within 14 days of the purchase date, providing the product and packaging is undamaged and the product has not been used. Sale items may only be exchanged and within 14 days of the purchase date.

What is your cancellation policy?

For classes we operate a 12 hour cancellation policy. For Personal Training, Physiotherapy and Massage sessions we operate a 24-hour cancellation policy. If classes or sessions are not cancelled within the relevant time-frame, then they will be charged at full price.

Do you give discounts?

As a rule we do not offer discounts, but we will run promotional offers from time to time. The best way to find out about these offers is to sign up to our newsletter – you can do this by entering your email in the sign up box at the bottom of our website. Please note that in line with GDPR legislation, we will not send you details of upcoming offers, discounts or promotions unless you have signed up to the newsletter.

Can I use my classes in all Studios?

You can use our standard class passes and blocks at all of our Studios except for Little Venice Pilates which has different class prices to reflect the different class offer. These may be viewed on the Little Venice Pilates Studio page.

Using the Online Booking System

How do I get on the waiting list?

Just click on the class as you would normally do to book yourself in and you will automatically be added to the waiting list.

Can I book a class and then pay in Studio?

No. You need to have credit on your account before any classes can be booked.

How do I update my contact information?

You can edit your contact information by hovering your cursor over the “My Account” options at the top right hand corner when you are logged into your account and clicking on ‘View/Edit My Profile’.