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21st Century working life is bad for us - which means it’s bad for your business. Luckily at Ten we have the antidote.

At Ten, it’s not just about working hard. It’s about moving better. Too many fitness providers focus on the frequency and intensity of exercise - the perfect recipe for injury and dysfunction, especially when an hour’s full-on gym session follows a long sedentary deskbound day.

At Ten, we focus not just on intensity, but quality of movement. This approach is ideal for reversing the adverse effects of today’s largely sedentary and posturally-challenged living and working patterns, relearning and reinforcing the patterns that enable us to move in the way our bodies were designed to – effectively, powerfully, freely and without risk of injury.

If your ability to move is already compromised, whether by pain, dysfunction or injury, our in-house Physiotherapy and Sports Massage team are on hand to treat the cause, and not just the symptom, of your issues.

We’re here to provide a range of health and fitness-related solutions to help your staff stay fitter, healthier and injury free at work.

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Why Ten? 10 good reasons

Why Ten? 10 good reasons

1. Energising, inclusive and welcoming. We welcome clients of all ages and abilities, from diehard fitness enthusisasts to those new to exercise or recovering from illness or injury. Ours is a personal, individual approach that delivers benefits in both physical performance and personal morale.

2. Flexible, easily managed corporate programmes and packages. We think people are busy enough at work as it is, so we make sure all our Corporate programmes are as clear, simple, flexible, manageable and, well, un-corporate as possible.

3. Breadth of experience. Over the past few years we’ve worked with organisations of all kinds and sizes, and at all levels. Everything from delivering information, education and ergonomic assessments to Workspace tenants to providing Goldman Sachs’ staff with 30 hours of Dynamic Pilates and Personal Training sessions a week at their in-house fitness centre.

4. Prehabilitative. Our sessions focus not just on the intensity of effort but the quality on the underlying movement. By enabling staff to move better in the gym and in everyday life we are better placed to help address lifestyle-related muscular and postural imbalances and significantly reduce the risk of injury, pain and absenteeism.

5. Ideal for the way we live and work now. Our classes are designed to be highly effective and time efficient, making them ideal for the time poor and results-driven office worker. In addition to the physical benefits, the focused and absorbing nature of our workouts makes for a great time-out from the stresses of work.

6. Small class sizes. By limiting class sizes we’re able to ensure that all participants get plenty of personal attention, hands–on correction and as a result, maximum benefit from their sessions.

7. Expert staff, expertly trained. We have some of the most experienced and expert Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists and Trainers to be found anywhere, with all our Pilates instructors having graduated from our industry-accredited in-house Training Academy – the first of its kind in London.

8. Circle of Care. Unlike the usual fitness industry model, our Trainers, Physios and Massage therapists work closely together, to create a seamless and integrated health and fitness approach for our clients

9. Registered with all major health insurance providers. Our Physiotherapists are registered with BUPA, AXA PPP, Pru health, Allianz, Aviva and Cigna amongst others.

10. Sites throughout London. We have Studios in Spitalfields, Hatton Garden, St James’s, Nine Elms, Notting Hill, and Chiswick. All offering Fitness Classes, Personal Training, Physiotherapy and Sports Massage under the same roof.

We offer a menu of employee benefits and wellbeing services for your staff. You can pick just one or two ‘courses’, or we can work with you to create a bespoke health and wellbeing package.

  • Dynamic Reformer Pilates Classes

    Our version of Pilates, done on the innovative Reformer machine, is a more intense, dynamic version of the classic discipline and arguably the form of exercise most suited to modern 21st century working life.

    It’s a time-efficient and highly effective full-body workout that offers postural, body sculpting, muscle toning and cardiovascular benefits, and that delivers results, fast. Equally important, it also has a proven ability to reduce stress levels, boost motivation and personal morale and undo the adverse effects of the musculoskeletal problems resulting from today’s sedentary, desk-bound lifestyles.

    “Fast, Fun and Devastatingly Effective” – The Evening Standard

  • Personal Training & Rehab Training

    Whether you already know what health and fitness issues you want to address, or need us to help you discover that via a Ten health check, we have some of the most expert and qualified Trainers in the business. We can match your needs and/or those of individual staff with the most appropriate person on our team. Staff specialities include rehabilitation and corrective exercise, clinical weight loss and nutrition, lifestyle coaching, and pre/postnatal training.

    Meet the Team here or find out more about Personal Training with Ten.

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Why Dynamic Reformer Pilates is the workout for the way we live and work now

Dynamic Reformer Pilates is the cornerstone of what we’re about at Ten - improving health and wellbeing by encouraging, educating and inspiring Londoners to not just move more, but Move Better. Whilst there are many different services and options we can provide, we would always urge you to include Dynamic Reformer Pilates classes as part of any Employee Wellbeing Programme.

Here’s why

Why Dynamic Reformer Pilates is the workout for the way we live and work now

1. It’s an intense and highly efficient full-body exercise programme

Dynamic Reformer Pilates combines the postural and injury-prevention benefits of Pilates with elements from circuit and weight training. It corrects posture, strengthens core muscles, improves overall strength, muscular endurance, bone density and heart/lung function, boosts resting metabolism.

2. It’s prehabilitative

Think of prehab as preventative maintenance. The strong focus on posture and core activation is a great antidote to the adverse postural/musculoskeletal impact of today’s sedentary working patterns

3. Ideal for the time poor and impatient

Staff can be warmed-up, worked out, cooled down and out, in under an hour.

4. A great stress-buster

The great thing about classes is the workout is managed for you –as we like to say, “all you have to do is show up”. Our sessions are as much about form and technique as sweating. The required focus and concentration on ‘mindful movement’ means that sessions are hugely absorbing – a great time-out from the pressure of work. And the sessions are a great way of generating endorphins – the body’s ‘happiness hormone’ - increasing feelings of well-being and positivity.

5. Morale boosting

Your staff will feel and see results fast – a great way to boost self-esteem and personal motivation.

6. Convenient

The easier we make it for staff to embrace fitness as part of their working lives, the more successful the initiative will be. We have studios all across London, we’re open 7 days a week & from early to late.

At Ten we address the cause rather than just the symptoms of pain, injury and dysfunction. Our goals are (a) to resolve any issues as successfully as possible in as few sessions as possible... and (b) to see our clients up and about, moving well and living a healthy, pain-free life as soon as possible.

90% of the patients we treat do not require onward referral to a specialist or any kind of surgery.

  • Assessments and Treatment

    We can help your team with any issue - work-related or not - that’s impacting their quality of movement, and quality of life, in and out of the office. Unlike many Physiotherapy clinics, we combine assessment with hands-on treatment, making us an effective option for fitting around busy work schedules. We can arrange preferential rates for your staff to visit one of our studios for treatment or we can set up satellite clinics in your office. Find out more about Physiotherapy at Ten.

    Common work-related issues we treat include:
    Back Pain / Scoliosis / Frozen Shoulder / Tennis Elbow / RSI / Sciatica & Disc Problems / Arthritis

  • Full Body MOTs

    A Body MOT is a key part of Ten’s prehabilitative approach to health and wellbeing - a comprehensive and bespoke assessment to identify and assess the areas that will be under the most strain from an individual’s lifestyle and working patterns. It’s the perfect opportunity to address any recurring small niggles or nip any potential injuries or discomfort in the bud before they cause a sick day.

    Find out more about our Full Body MOTs here.

  • For us, posture is the start point of all movement and the 21st century desk – no matter how ergonomically designed and set up - is perhaps posture’s number 1 nemesis. Our Postural Assessments will map employee posture against where it should - and could - be to identify areas of weakness and potential pain or injury.

  • Ergonomic Workplace Assessment

    Simple corrections to the height and angle of your desk, chair and keyboard will improve your seated posture and reduce the stress on muscles and joints, along with the risk of painful posture-related injuries and conditions.

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“Ten’s Physio feels like a kind of magic” – The Times

Try a private taster class for up to ten of your staff at any of our six Studios. We arrange a time that suits you, and lay on a tour of the Studio, a class exclusively for you and the team, and a few select goodies to take away with you. On the house.

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  • The Western world still doesn’t seem to have cottoned onto the mood boosting and injury prevention benefits of Massage (although we’re doing our best to remind them).

    In the workplace, regular massages don’t just relieve muscle tension, improve posture and reduce injury risk - they also increase energy, reduce stress, improve circulation and keep staff motivated. And if your team are training with us we highly recommend them as a means to boost recovery.

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A health check for all your staff is a great way to kick-start your wellbeing programme (alongside Full Body MOTs) - providing you with the insights you need to create the most effective fitness programme for your staff.

  • Standard Ten Health Check

    It seems that everyday there’s a new fitness expert, workout fad or statistic telling us that whatever we’re doing, we should now be doing it differently.

    At Ten, rather than overwhelm your Staff with a glut of the latest ‘data’ we focus on what’s proven, clear, effective (after all, we figure they’ve got enough to think about at work already). We’ve whittled our check down to the key things your employees really need to know about and track to manage their health at work, including hydration levels, visceral fat level, and body fat percentages.

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  • Awareness Talks & Workshops

    Awareness talks and workshops from Ten are practical and informed by the insights we’ve gleaned from nearly a decade of improving the health and wellbeing of busy working Londoners. We can accept commissions (if we think we have the expertise to help) but the focus of our onsite education is on how and why introducing movement – specifically, safe, effective, better movement - to your day is essential.

    Our talks are as hands-on as our classes - expect plenty of interaction, unique twists on common fitness issues, evidence-based advice, health myth-busting, plenty of energy, and lots of inspiration.

    Our current Workshop is called:
    What Happens To Your Body at Work (And How You Can Stop It)

    To find out more of book please get in touch.

  • Wellbeing Events

    Wellbeing events are a great way to test out activities and see what health and wellbeing issues matter the most to your staff. From lunchtime taster sessions through to entire weeks, we can curate a programme of our services.

    Our most popular service is our time-efficient two hour taster which includes:

    • - 4 x 30 minute Dynamic Mat Pilates or Stretch classes
    • - Health Checks (15 mins each )
    • - Postural Assessments (15 mins each )
    • - Ergonomic Workplace Assessments (15 mins each )
    • - Shoulder Massages (10 mins each)
    • - Wellness challenges (our plank and wall-sit challenges are infamous)
    • - Promotional material and take-aways, including desk drops, promotional posters, and health products

    To find out more or book a wellbeing event please get in touch.

  • All services include internal marketing support and collateral to help you raise awareness and win staff buy-in, along with free introductions to our studios and services, and ongoing support and guidance.

We can create bespoke programmes that work for you in three ways:

  • Your staff come to us

    The simplest option, and the easiest to manage. We have six Studios throughout London – Spitalfields, Hatton Garden, St James’s, Nine Elms, Notting Hill and Chiswick – and your staff are welcome at any and all of them.

    Across our Studios, we offer Dynamic Reformer Pilates and Fitness classes, along with Personal Training, Physiotherapy and Sports Massage.

    We can also offer free private taster/trial classes at any of our Studios (we arrange a time that suits you, and lay on a tour of the Studio, a class exclusively for you and the team, and a few select goodies to take away with you).

    With our individual corporate accounts and company blocks, your staff can manage their bookings themselves, in whatever way they find most convenient – online, by phone, in Studio or via our App.

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  • Our staff come to you

    We can visit your offices to deliver a range of workshops, assessments and ergonomic workplace reviews, along with class, Personal Training and massage tasters. Services and content tailored to suit your needs.

    Our visits can be part of an existing corporate wellness event or arranged at times and locations to suit you and your teams.

    Services and content can be tailored to suit your needs. We can also provide promotional material and take-aways, including desk drops, promotional posters, and health products.

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  • In-house services at your offices

    For clients looking for regular and scheduled services at their premises, and able to provide a dedicated and suitable space, we can provide Pilates and Fitness classes, Personal Training, Physiotherapy and Sports Massage.

    We have experience working with organisations of all sizes, having provided everything from a weekly early morning Mat Pilates class for a small PR agency to operating a 3-year contract with Goldman Sachs to provide equipment and staff to deliver 120 Dynamic Reformer classes and Personal Training sessions a month at their in-house fitness centre.

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  • Bespoke options

    If you have a specific need or would like to discuss some alternative options we would be happy to meet with you to see how we can help.

    Please note, we limit our services to the areas in which we are genuinely expert, primarily fitness, exercise, and physical wellbeing. We are not HR, behavioural or motivational specialists.

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We’re not here to persuade you of the importance of Employee Wellbeing. If you’re reading this you’ll already know that – along with all the stats about the impact of musculoskeletal conditions and back pain on staff absenteeism in the UK. The problem with statistics is that they’re not very human.

So instead we’ve asked Physiotherapy Director Cheyne Voss to use his years of experience treating busy deskbound London executives to describe what happens to your body through the course of a working day. (We challenge you not to jump up from your desk the second you finish reading it.)

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