Move Better

Dynamic Reformer Pilates is ideal for improving and reinforcing movement patterns. So we’ve created a series of specialist Reformer-based Move Better classes to help you move more effectively, freely and safely in your other workouts and in everyday life.

Over 80% of UK adults suffer the adverse effects of today’s largely sedentary and posturally-challenged working and living patterns. Ten’s Dynamic Reformer Pilates programme is ideal for reversing these effects by improving and reinforcing the movement patterns that enable us to move in the way our bodies were designed to – effectively, powerfully, freely and without risk of injury.

Where injury or pain is stopping you from moving well - or even moving and exercising at all - our in-house Physiotherapy and Sports Massage teams are highly skilled at treating not just the injury or issue, but also its underlying cause. More.

Why we need to move better

We sit too much and we don’t move enough. And when we do, the movement pattern is often inefficient, unnatural and frequently unsafe.



Creates postural and musculoskeletal imbalance, which often leads to injury, pain and dysfunction.

Lack of movement

Creates a range of issues including loss of range of movement, bone-density and reduced cardiovascular fitness, along with weight gain and obesity, and a number of metabolic and circulatory conditions.

Moving badly

Postural/lifestyle based imbalances have crept in. Office life, smartphones, high heels and handbags are just a few of the elements of our 21st Century life that have forced our bodies to develop unnatural and potentially damaging movement patterns. These place stresses on our muscles and joints that our bodies were not designed to cope with. We no longer move naturally and need to relearn the movement patterns that we were born to perform effectively, efficiently and safely.

"In the fitness industry there’s way too much focus on the intensity and challenge of workouts and nowhere near enough on the quality of the movement within them"

Read Ten founder Joanne Mathews explanation of what #MoveBetter is, why we’re doing it, why it matters to her personally and to Ten professionally, and why the way we live now means that it really needs to matter to a much wider audience.




    If you’re exercising regularly and want to stay injury-free, it’s important that Massage becomes a habit rather than a one-off. To help encourage that habit, we’re offering two 60-minute massages for just £120, and two 30-minute sessions for £70 (normally £140 and £90 respectively).

    Buy 2 x 60-min massages - just £120 Buy 2 x 30-min massages - just £70

Physiotherapy & Sports Massage

Treating injuries, easing pain and improving movement patterns through Physiotherapy and Sports massage.


With in-house Physiotherapy and Sports Massage at all Ten Health & Fitness' Studios, we're experts at addressing the cause rather than just the symptoms to reduce pain, decrease stiffness and increase mobility.

Therapists work closely with Ten's Trainers and Rehab Specialists to deliver maximum client benefit through an integrated and unique Circle of Care.

Our Physiotherapists are registered with all major Health Insurance Providers.

Read more about Physiotherapy at Ten

Read more about Sports Massage at Ten


We've teamed up with natural performance nutrition brand and running experts Tribe to provide you with the fuel you need to Move Better.

You can pick up a TRIBE bar in studio throughout September or try a TRIBE pack containing 6 energy & recovery snacks for just £2 using code TENHEALTHFIT @


To coincide with the launch of our Pilates for Cyclists class we’re partnering with Lumo, creators of extremely cool, eminently wearable cycling clothing, designed to make you stand out on the bike, and blend in everywhere else.

To be in with a chance to win their Herne Hill Harrington jacket subscribe to Lumo’s newsletter here.



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