The office is a tough environment for the human body. We are not designed to spend hours sitting in meetings or hunched over computers. We’re also vulnerable to the increasing mental pressures today’s business environment places on us all.

Unsurprisingly, the two single biggest causes of workplace absenteeism in the UK today are musculoskeletal problems – chiefly back related – and stress. In 2013/4, they accounted for almost 31 and 11 million lost working days respectively.

Typically, it’s office workers and executives who are affected most, primarily the over-30’s, so senior staff are affected disproportionately.

In addition, the effect on businesses of presenteeism (attending work with a reduced level of capability due to injury, illness or stress) is even greater. The annual costs of presenteeism in the UK are in the region of £960m, compared with £750m for absenteeism.

No wonder modern HR practice focuses so strongly on a proactive approach to employee health and wellbeing.

At Ten, we’re here to help. We believe that our Dynamic Pilates is the ideal workout for the way we work – and live – today. Here’s why:

It’s ideal for the time poor.

Dynamic Pilates is an intense, highly time-efficient full-body workout. Sessions last just less than an hour, but each one packs in a raft of benefits. Each class helps correct posture, strengthen core muscle groups, improve flexibility, sculpt lean, toned muscles and offers cardiovascular benefits, boosting the resting metabolism, reducing body fat and helping with weight management.

It’s prehabilitative.

The focus on posture and core activation makes it a great antidote to the postural and musculoskeletal impact of so much sitting.

It’s morale boosting

You feel and see the results. Fast. Making it a great way to boost self-esteem and personal motivation.

It’s a great stress-buster

The techniques require focus and concentration, so sessions are hugely absorbing; a valuable ‘time-out’ from the pressures of work. In addition, the dynamism and intensity of the workout helps generate endorphins, increasing feelings of optimism, positivity and well-being.

It’s convenient

Last but certainly not least, with Studios throughout London, access is convenient for busy Londoners. Studios are open from early to late, so clients can fit training around their home/work lives, and the nature of the workout means they don’t have to spend ages cooling down/drying off returning to the office.


* Sources; BBC, Huffington Post, the Government Office for Science

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