The problem

Molly Rådberg is a Director at a large, successful PR agency. It’s a busy and stressful job that requires her to spend a fair amount of time behind her desk as well as in an aeroplane seat. She also has scoliosis (an overly curved spine).

The muscular imbalance caused by the combination of a spinal condition and her work habits have led to discomfort and dysfunction, in particular, tight hips, a constantly stiff neck and thoracic spine, which frequently goes into spasm.

Though she had previously tried to ease the symptoms with a combination of physio, training, stretching and massage, the results were inconsistent.

The solution

When Molly began coming to Ten for Massage Therapy, she was quickly impressed with her Therapist’s professionalism and skill, not only through the understanding of the underlying issues and the resulting treatment, but also through the recommendation of complementary exercises to support the sessions.

The treatment itself centred around active release techniques and deep connective tissue work to release the muscles in Molly’s chest, thoracic and cervical spine. She was also given stretches that she could perform at home or whilst travelling to maintain the release achieved in her massage sessions.

The outcome

Since beginning her weekly sessions, Molly has seen a significant reduction in the tightness of her muscles and in the number and severity of her spasms. She is pain-free significantly more often and for longer.

Stretching has become a habit for her and she has greater awareness and control of her posture.

“I feel fantastic,” she says. “It’s well worth the financial and time commitment.  I look forward to my session every week – it’s one of my favourite hours. It’s also a great stress-buster and a brilliant form of prehab (my new buzzword!)”