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Wed 17 October12:00pmPhysio-Led Pilates Class
Please note that if you have not been referred to this class by a Trainer, Physiotherapist or Clinician, you'll need to arrange Initial Assessment before booking a class.

In the class you’ll use a combination of equipment and exercises that best suits you, including Reformer, Ladder Barrel, TRX, bosu and much more! Other Physiotherapy techniques such as joint mobilisations, soft tissue release and taping can be included as well.

Everyone can benefit from Physio-led Pilates classes! Whether you are hoping to continue your rehabilitation, have a big event coming up, want to be prepared for surgery or are keen to manage a chronic condition, your needs can be accommodated!


Aurelie Leonard (Massage)
Aurelie is a French trained Massage Therapist/Physiotherapist. She graduated in 2007 from IFMK in Montpellier, spending the next 7 years working in private practice, giving her a grounding in the management of a wide variety of patients and conditions from sports injuries to chronic musculo-skeletal disorders.

Aurelie is passionate about and excited by adventure, sport and movement. She has travelled extensively, developing her knowledge of holistic medicine, psychology of health and well-being.

While in Thailand she trained in Nuad Boran Thai; a traditional healing treatment that treats pain and diseases related to chronical myo-fascial tensions through pressure on trigger points located along muscle and tendon lines. Whilst there, she also completed her training in reflexology and deep abdomen therapeutic massage.

Aurelie relocated to London in Spring 2015 and joined the TenPhysio team in Hatton Garden as a Sports Massage Therapist. With her extensive knowledge of the human body and her passion for hands on soft tissue work, her patients are in good hands.

In her spare time, she’s a keen runner and climber and enjoys reading, healthy food and promoting projects to protect the environment.

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