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Tue 21 November5:15pmAdvanced- Dynamic Reformer PilatesErica Foulds
Erica’s love and appreciation for both general fitness and precise movement started early, with classical ballet training. This dual passion for technique-driven exercise and a good old-fashioned workout can also is reflected in her many qualifications – she combines a degree in human communication science with qualifications in personal training, fitness instruction and indoor cycling.
Erica is equally happy helping people recover from serious injury (she has previously worked as an exercise rehab therapist in a clinical stroke rehabilitation unit) and pushing people to achieve their fitness goals (spin and gruelling outdoor fitness sessions are particular favourites of hers.)
For the majority of Erica’s career, she has worked for some of London's top financial institutions as a corporate fitness wellbeing advisor and personal trainer integrating health and fitness into the lives of the chronically time-poor.
Erica has a strong belief in the age old ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ motto and her passion is about making it available for all.
When not at the studio you can find her on a bike (with the latest Ibiza mixes keeping her on the pace) or tapping her toes to the beat at a Dalston jazz cafe.
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Tue 21 November2:00pmAdvanced- Dynamic Reformer PilatesZoe Cornwall
A dancer from childhood, Zoe attended ballet school full time as a child before coming to London to train in contemporary dance at the Laban centre. After graduating, she combined performing as a dancer with working in the fitness industry, teaching group exercise classes and in the gym.

Zoe first discovered Pilates as part of her dance training, and continued to practice it for many years after graduation. When a car accident brought her dance performance career to a premature end, Pilates played a vital role in her recovery. Spurred on by the success of her own rehab, Zoe decided she wanted to help other people in a similar position and gained her Mat Pilates qualification. She has been teaching Mat, and latterly Dynamic Reformer, Pilates ever since.

Zoe is a big believer that in life and in exercise alike, with the right motivation and the right tools you can do whatever you set your mind to. To help her clients achieve their goals and ambitions, she draws from her own experience and continual training in a variety of fitness disciplines, from clients’ own experiences and journeys and, last but by no means least, from the principle that enjoyment is a fundamental part of successful learning – so expect her sense of humour to be very much to the fore.

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Tue 21 November6:00pmAdvanced- Dynamic Reformer PilatesBeverley Crighton
Beverley is a latecomer to teaching Pilates having spent most of her career working in the design, branding and corporate communications industry as a client director and consultant.

Although she had been very active and involved in many sports from childhood, the demands of Beverley’s corporate career became more demanding, leaving less and less time for fitness activities and the inevitable poor posture and injuries set in.

She discovered Pilates as a way to counter these issues and practised for many years. The results, and the balance of physical challenge and mental focus that her sessions provided, kept her hooked and helped her regain the strength and stability to try other activities again.

Beverley believes passionately that Pilates is the foundation for good posture and improved form in everything from everyday functional movement to excelling in sports and physical activities, and can play a massive role in rehabilitation and recovery.

She completed her Mat Pilates teaching qualifications in 2016 and switched careers straight away.

Believing it is never too late to try something new in life and Beverley gets great enjoyment and reward from teaching Pilates to clients of all ages and stages. For many of her clients, Pilates can feel like multi-tasking at the beginning, with so many things to think about. But over time the application and effort starts to bring amazing results – reinforcing Beverley’s conviction that that anything of value takes time and patience to build well.

In her spare time Beverley is very active, attending spinning and cardio-based classes. She’s also very interested in the arts and when she’s not teaching Pilates, you’re likely to find her at a gallery, immersing herself in all things creative.

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Tue 21 November12:00pmAdvanced- Dynamic Reformer PilatesKasia Solecka
Originally from Poland, Kasia has been passionate about health, nutrition and exercise since she was in her early teens. As an 11 year-old girl she joined the Polish Olympic Handball Team and played till High School where she moved to Sprinting and Weight Training.

Graduating from AWFiS in Poland in 2006 with a Fitness Degree, her passion became a career, and her determination to share her knowledge, enthusiasm and insights with others became a life goal – one which she continues to prusue today.

The next stage in her career involved a move to Ireland, where she spent the next 9 years improving and enhancing her skills and adding to her portfolio of qualifications. Kasia is a highly experienced Trainer, specializing in Weight Management, Body Weight and Resistance Training, Functional Training, Conditioning and HIIT.

Kasia has dealt with clients off all ages and abilities, from professional athletes, semi- pro bodybuilders and fitness models to sedentary office workers, busy mums and seniors. With a determinedly results-driven approach, she uses variety of tried and tested training protocols to burn fat, build strength, improve muscle tone, flexibility and core strength.

Kasia combines her breadth of training and exercise skills and insights with a holistic approach. As she puts it, her unique style allows her clients to “discover their own wisdom and find lasting freedom in their relationship with food and body”.

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Tue 21 November5:00pmAdvanced- Dynamic Reformer PilatesEudelyn Gonzalez
Originally from Venezuela, Eudelyn has a Physiotherapy degree, a qualification in Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy with the London School of Sports Massage and has also trained as a Mat Pilates Instructor with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute.
She has worked as a Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist and Pilates Instructor in London for a number of years and has a wealth of experience in treating a variety of musculo-skeletal problems, particularly back and neck issues as well as sports and repetitive strain injuries.
Her passion for Pilates started after working with Luke at the Chiswick studio back in 2008 as head of the front of house team (she was employee number 10 at TenPilates - which has proven to be a good omen!)
After spending the last year in Spain enhancing her physiotherapy skills she returns to London to rejoin Ten, this time as part of the training team where she belongs! Now that she has completed the TenPilates Academy, Eudelyn is looking forward to using her considerable of Pilates and injury rehabilitation skills, particularly in the field of women’s health.
A calm and naturally happy person, Eudelyn enjoys travelling, trekking and dancing (not surprising really, given her Latin American roots).
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Tue 21 November3:00pmAdvanced- Dynamic Reformer PilatesNick Garner
Nick studied Sports Development and Physical Education at Liverpool John Moores University. During his studies, he became increasingly interested in, and passionate about, helping increase the nation’s participation in exercise after noticing how our modern western lifestyle was ruining postures and waistlines across the country.
Upon graduating, Nick also completed his diploma in Personal Training and Nutrition. During his subsequent years in the industry, Nick has worked with a range of clients, from office workers needing to trim down and tone up to novice runners taking on their first half marathon. With almost every new client there was always one constant... muscular imbalance and resultant poor posture. Ever the perfectionist, Nick joined the TenPilates Academy to enhance his skills and help people get the best out of themselves.
Nick enjoys swimming, rock climbing, boxing, and rugby (representing town and county at the latter). With his sporting background, education and successful completion of the TenPilates Academy, Nick has the desire and the skills to get you feeling and looking amazing.
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