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Tue 11 December5:30pmAdvanced - Dynamic Reformer Pilates
This Advanced Pilates class is set to push experienced Ten faithfuls to new levels. Not for the inexperienced or unfit. 55 mins.
Frances Bowden
Frances has had a love for sport as long as she can remember. Running around a hockey field on frosty Sunday mornings aged eight eventually evolved into a degree in Sport and Exercise Science at Loughborough University (though she can still be found running around a hockey field on frosty Sunday mornings).

Over the course of her degree, Frances developed a passion for exercise prescription and lifestyle modification, wanting to help people move better whilst living heathier and happier lives.

Frances enjoys the client journey, focusing on all aspects of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle to achieve the kind of functional and sustainable results that will benefit a client every single day. She works to the needs of the body, developing strength and flexibility whilst identifying and correcting muscular imbalances created by our 21st century lifestyle to minimise the risk of injury.

Frances loves nothing more than proving to someone that they can do something and that, with the right attitude, anyone can achieve anything.

Over the past three years, she has worked with a range of clients from age 16 to late 80s with both clinical and non-clinical backgrounds. She has helped people from all walks of life achieve their goals, whether that’s to return to walking unaided right through to helping clients return to top-level competitive sport.

Dynamic Reformer Pilates adds another string to Frances’ bow and she is passionate about its seemingly unlimited potential for rehab and for developing the building blocks for functional strength training.

Upbeat, encouraging and super-smiley, Frances brings a warmth and infectious enthusiasm to her classes – along with a breadth of technical knowledge and experience.

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Wed 12 December11:00amAdvanced - Dynamic Reformer Pilates
This Advanced Pilates class is set to push experienced Ten faithfuls to new levels. Not for the inexperienced or unfit. 55 mins.
Brad Emmott
Born in South Africa, raised in New Zealand and recently arrived in London, Brads’ career choice was decided at the age of 12.

Playing multiple competitive sports and pushing the limits of how many games of sport one parent should be asked to sit through in a week, Brad has always known he wanted to be in the health and fitness industry.

After finishing school he continued to further his education in the fitness industry, completing 3 certificates in fitness, before completing BSc in Sport & Exercise in 2010.

Brad’s career in health and fitness took off when he experienced how exercise could impact the lives of everyday people struggling with a health condition – an insight that changed his aim in life, from giving someone a thick chest and arms to helping people create a more holistic and long lasting approach to health in their own lives.

Brad has extensive experience as an Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer, and has run boot camps in New Zealand. More recently – and for him much more importantly – he also spent 5 years as an Exercise Physiologist in a leading health and wellness centre. Here he worked not only with able bodied clients, but also became increasingly passionate about working with clients with a vast range of disabilities and injuries – and who couldn’t get help anywhere else.

Brad’s beliefs and approach to fitness and health is all about sustainable and lasting benefits – that means no fad diets and no 6-pack in 7 days.

In the weekends you’ll find Brad training, studying, watching rugby, snowboarding or doing backflips anywhere he can.

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Wed 12 December10:00amAdvanced - Dynamic Reformer Pilates
This Advanced Pilates class is set to push experienced Ten faithfuls to new levels. Not for the inexperienced or unfit. 55 mins.
Catriona McGahan
A BSc Hons Sports & Exercise Science Graduate from the University of Ulster, Catriona has a lifelong passion for health and fitness and involvement in sport, having played Gaelic football for over 20 years.
It was in my latter stages of her sporting career (in her 30’s) that she discovered Pilates, its benefits enabling her to continue to compete for several years at the highest level.
Inspired by her personal experience of Pilates and its benefits, Catriona qualified as a Pilates instructor in 2013. Since then she has had the opportunity to work with clients of all age groups, from 6 -65, and with athletes from a range of different sports, including Gaelic Football, Soccer, Running and Cycling.
The requirements of many of her clients are to stay injury free and to compete at the highest possible level – motivating her to ensure that she delivers and effective and demonstrably goal-oriented programme. a programme that assists them in achieving their goals.
Catriona is also a physical literacy specialist coach, working with key stage 1 children within the school setting. For her of the most enjoyable aspects of working with children, is the combination of challenging ourselves to the limit without taking ourselves too seriously - an approach that she has also seen pay dividends in her Pilates classes.
In her spare time she enjoys a good strum on the guitar and is still trying to master the F chord.
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Wed 12 December2:15pmAdvanced - Dynamic Reformer Pilates
This Advanced Pilates class is set to push experienced Ten faithfuls to new levels. Not for the inexperienced or unfit. 55 mins.
Leah Willoughby
Leah holds a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Dance from UWL, where she also attained her Pilates Matwork qualification.

Coming from a professional dance background, core strength and the mobility of the body have always been at the forefront of her training. After finding the benefits of Pilates truly invaluable during her pregnancy, Leah’s passion for the exercise form grew, and she has been tutoring and furthering her training ever since.

Given Leah’s former career, it probably comes as no surprise that her classes focus heavily on precision of movement and postural improvement.

Leah is a strong believer in the benefits of movement and exercise both physically and mentally, whatever the body, whatever the age, whatever the lifestyle, and is on a mission to pump the world full of happy endorphins.

Outside of dynamic Pilates training, Leah can still be found teaching/attending dance classes and training in pole fitness. She also holds a 1st Dan black belt in Tae Kwon Do, so will have no trouble kicking butts of all shapes sizes and ages into shape!

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Wed 12 December8:00amAdvanced - Dynamic Reformer Pilates
This Advanced Pilates class is set to push experienced Ten faithfuls to new levels. Not for the inexperienced or unfit. 55 mins.
Rafael Cunha
Born and raised in Brazil, Rafael has always had a keen interest in sport and exercise, enjoying everything from football to handball, volleyball to basketball, running to capoeira and swimming to surfing.
His passion for exercise and for understanding the positive effect movement has on the human body led him to complete an undergraduate degree in Physical Education in 2008, followed by a postgraduate degree in Physiology of Exercise in 2015.


After graduating, Rafael began his career working as a personal trainer for both adults and children. Throughout his career he has also been involved in coaching and teaching a range of sports, leading capoeira groups, running social projects, organising boot camps and sports championships, and he even founded his own running group.


Believing that the human body truly is made to move, Rafael credits the skeletal system as the thing that allows us to live our lives to the maximum.


It’s this interest in musculoskeletal health that led him to train both as a Pilates instructor and study Tui Na massage, further improving his knowledge and understanding of human anatomy and in turn helping him to address muscular imbalances.


Having previously worked with people who faced hernias, disc protrusion, sciatic nerve issues, back pain and postural imbalances, Rafael enjoys helping people improve their quality of movement, overall fitness and general health.


This experience also taught him the importance of looking after our bodies, so that we can continue to live healthy and active lives without aches and pains.


Rafael takes a tailored approach to each client, understanding their needs, respecting their limitations and observing existing imbalances in the musculoskeletal system, which enables him to develop individual plans to help his clients achieve their goals. Whether that is to reduce pain and discomfort or increase tone, his programmes are developed to help clients strengthen the right muscles and restore balance.

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Wed 12 December12:30pmAdvanced - Dynamic Reformer Pilates
This Advanced Pilates class is set to push experienced Ten faithfuls to new levels. Not for the inexperienced or unfit. 55 mins.
Erica Foulds
Erica’s love and appreciation for both general fitness and precise movement started early, with classical ballet training. This dual passion for technique-driven exercise and a good old-fashioned workout can also is reflected in her many qualifications – she combines a degree in human communication science with qualifications in personal training, fitness instruction and indoor cycling.
Erica is equally happy helping people recover from serious injury (she has previously worked as an exercise rehab therapist in a clinical stroke rehabilitation unit) and pushing people to achieve their fitness goals (spin and gruelling outdoor fitness sessions are particular favourites of hers.)
For the majority of Erica’s career, she has worked for some of London's top financial institutions as a corporate fitness wellbeing advisor and personal trainer integrating health and fitness into the lives of the chronically time-poor.
Erica has a strong belief in the age old ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ motto and her passion is about making it available for all.
When not at the studio you can find her on a bike (with the latest Ibiza mixes keeping her on the pace) or tapping her toes to the beat at a Dalston jazz cafe.
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Wed 12 December12:00pmAdvanced - Dynamic Reformer Pilates
This Advanced Pilates class is set to push experienced Ten faithfuls to new levels. Not for the inexperienced or unfit. 55 mins.
Caroll Kerner
Caroll is originally from the Champagne region in France. To say that she likes travel and physical challenges is something of an understatement.

She has always been a keen horserider and a runner. When she moved to London she discovered Thai boxing, and after a few years’ training, moved to Kho Samui where she trained for a further five months, taking part in three fights (and winning all three).

On returning to London, she was persuaded to enter her first London Marathon – the first of 14 marathons (5 of them in London) all completed in good times, along with a100km race, which she finished in just over 10 hours.

When she lived in Australia and Vanuatu she took up cycling, and as a result found herself competing in the Alpes d’Huez. With its 21 hairpins, this is one of the legendary ascents of the Tour de France, which she climbed in just over an hour on a steel bike.

Just to add an extra element of challenge (and yet more travel), Caroll trained in Krav Maga in Israel, qualifying as an Instructor. And picking up some injuries along the way, which in turn, introduced her to Pilates and her teaching qualification.

Over the past decade she has participated in a number of courses at the some most respected institutes in the field of holistic health and exercise. With her in-depth understanding (and personal experience) that functional movement patterns are essential to maintain a healthy, efficient and pain free body, Carroll ensures that Pilates is at the core of every exercise and program that she does.

As a Trainer, Caroll is strict yet patient; a perfectionist but also a good motivator. As the basis of all Pilates, she insists on correct and transferable technique in all exercises – so you can practice in everyday life what you learn in class. But above all, she aims to develop routines that suit, stimulate and encourage everyone in her classes.

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Wed 12 December3:00pmAdvanced - Dynamic Reformer Pilates
This Advanced Pilates class is set to push experienced Ten faithfuls to new levels. Not for the inexperienced or unfit. 55 mins.
Adam Ridler
A graduate from Salford University with a BSc Honours in Applied Sports Science, Adam has put his knowledge in this area to good use in his career as a personal trainer and sports coach. A former member of the Great British Lightweight Rowing Development Squad, Adam brings to TenPilates all the experience and insights that he has gained working with athletes and coaches at the highest levels. Calm and laid back, Adam is passionate about helping people reach their athletic and personal goals. He enjoys nothing more than unlocking people's barriers, helping them attain goals they never thought possible. His particular interests include strength and conditioning, sports specific training, weight management and nutritional analysis. Adam still competes at major national rowing events, and when he's not in the Studio, he's most often to be found out on the water.
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