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Sun 21 April11:00amAdvanced - Dynamic Reformer Pilates
This Advanced Pilates class is set to push experienced Ten faithfuls to new levels. Not for the inexperienced or unfit. 55 mins.
Beverley Crighton
Beverley is a latecomer to teaching Pilates having spent most of her career working in the design, branding and corporate communications industry as a client director and consultant.

Although she had been very active and involved in many sports from childhood, the demands of Beverley’s corporate career became more demanding, leaving less and less time for fitness activities and the inevitable poor posture and injuries set in.

She discovered Pilates as a way to counter these issues and practised for many years. The results, and the balance of physical challenge and mental focus that her sessions provided, kept her hooked and helped her regain the strength and stability to try other activities again.

Beverley believes passionately that Pilates is the foundation for good posture and improved form in everything from everyday functional movement to excelling in sports and physical activities, and can play a massive role in rehabilitation and recovery.

She completed her Mat Pilates teaching qualifications in 2016 and switched careers straight away.

Believing it is never too late to try something new in life and Beverley gets great enjoyment and reward from teaching Pilates to clients of all ages and stages. For many of her clients, Pilates can feel like multi-tasking at the beginning, with so many things to think about. But over time the application and effort starts to bring amazing results – reinforcing Beverley’s conviction that that anything of value takes time and patience to build well.

In her spare time Beverley is very active, attending spinning and cardio-based classes. She’s also very interested in the arts and when she’s not teaching Pilates, you’re likely to find her at a gallery, immersing herself in all things creative.

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Sun 21 April10:00amAdvanced - Dynamic Reformer Pilates
This Advanced Pilates class is set to push experienced Ten faithfuls to new levels. Not for the inexperienced or unfit. 55 mins.
Melissa James
Melissa has been dancing for about as long as she could walk, starting with Tap lessons at the age of four.

Her dedication from such a young age eventually paid off as he was taken on as a professional dancer for New Zealand’s top entertainment company, Diamond. She went on to spend seven years performing with Diamond, where her credits included New Zealand’s X-Factor and The Real Housewives of Auckland, alongside numerous sporting events and music videos.

During this time, she also studied at the University of Auckland to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Dance Studies, where she focused on dance education and developed a passion to teach others.

Having spent many years swept up in the world of dance both professionally and educationally, it’s no surprise that she discovered Barre in 2014 and quickly began teaching Barre in her home country, New Zealand. Now that she’s settled into London it’s all about TenBarre.

Having previously used Pilates to support her own post injury rehab, she’s also a big advocate of it’s benefits. She’s adamant that Pilates should be a part of everybody’s fitness regime – alongside Barre, of course – and that’s why Ten is the perfect place for her to continue pass on her breadth of Barre expertise.

Whatever the workout, she believes that our bodies were made to move, and she loves helping anyone of any age, shape, ability and background find enjoyment in movement.

When she’s not teaching Barre classes at Ten, Melissa enjoys leading a busy life, which often includes soaking up West End shows, live music and dancing, of course!

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Sun 21 April12:00pmAdvanced - Dynamic Reformer Pilates
This Advanced Pilates class is set to push experienced Ten faithfuls to new levels. Not for the inexperienced or unfit. 55 mins.
Rafael Cunha
Born and raised in Brazil, Rafael has always had a keen interest in sport and exercise, enjoying everything from football to handball, volleyball to basketball, running to capoeira and swimming to surfing.
His passion for exercise and for understanding the positive effect movement has on the human body led him to complete an undergraduate degree in Physical Education in 2008, followed by a postgraduate degree in Physiology of Exercise in 2015.


After graduating, Rafael began his career working as a personal trainer for both adults and children. Throughout his career he has also been involved in coaching and teaching a range of sports, leading capoeira groups, running social projects, organising boot camps and sports championships, and he even founded his own running group.


Believing that the human body truly is made to move, Rafael credits the skeletal system as the thing that allows us to live our lives to the maximum.


It’s this interest in musculoskeletal health that led him to train both as a Pilates instructor and study Tui Na massage, further improving his knowledge and understanding of human anatomy and in turn helping him to address muscular imbalances.


Having previously worked with people who faced hernias, disc protrusion, sciatic nerve issues, back pain and postural imbalances, Rafael enjoys helping people improve their quality of movement, overall fitness and general health.


This experience also taught him the importance of looking after our bodies, so that we can continue to live healthy and active lives without aches and pains.


Rafael takes a tailored approach to each client, understanding their needs, respecting their limitations and observing existing imbalances in the musculoskeletal system, which enables him to develop individual plans to help his clients achieve their goals. Whether that is to reduce pain and discomfort or increase tone, his programmes are developed to help clients strengthen the right muscles and restore balance.

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