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Sun 08 December11:00amAdvanced - Dynamic Reformer Pilates
This Advanced Pilates class is set to push experienced Ten faithfuls to new levels. Not for the inexperienced or unfit. 55 mins.
Gurdev Hanspal

Having completed a BSc in Sports Therapy, Gurdev is now in the process of completing an MSc at St Mary’s Twickenham in Strength and Conditioning, so it’s no surprise that he is able to call upon a breadth of knowledge and range of coaching methods in order to help people achieve better mobility.


Having previously worked with a multitude of athletes in the disciplines of Track and Field, Football, American Football and Rugby, he’s also no stranger to performance enhancement and it’s also extremely important that he is able to ensure his clients reach their goals.


His interest in Pilates stems from its connection to the central nervous system, which controls the body’s movement. Gurdev has found that by incorporating a range of equipment, including the Reformer, into traditional Pilates exercises, he can teach his to create, embed and maintain better patterns of movement. This means that he can enable his clients to achieve their fitness goals whilst reducing unnecessary strain on the body, and helping them avoid injury or discomfort.


When it comes to his own body, he has always had a keen interest in contact sports such as Boxing and Muay Thai, and he’s recently started training in the discipline of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under multiple world champion, Braulio Estima.


Gurdev admires Braulio as a great master of the sport, who has helped him to focus both his body and mind using similar principles to the ones that underpin Pilates.


It’s these principles that have helped him improve his own ability to control his body during movement, from the core and trunk through to the extremities, even under fatigue. He is now able to understand how to control his body from proximal to distal aspect. And he enjoys nothing more than transferring this knowledge to his clients.

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Sun 08 December10:00amAdvanced - Dynamic Reformer Pilates
This Advanced Pilates class is set to push experienced Ten faithfuls to new levels. Not for the inexperienced or unfit. 55 mins.
Luke Bowen
British born Luke started his fitness career at the prestigious Champneys health spa, training and teaching fitness classes to all ages and abilities.

A qualified and experienced Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor before joining Ten, Luke originally trained in classical matwork with STOTT Pilates before adding Dynamic Reformer Pilates expertise to his repertoire through the industry-accredited TenPilates Academy.

Luke believes in making exercise and enjoyable. His motto (which we thoroughly approve of) is “Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy”.

In his spare time Luke likes to spend time in Berlin, where he enjoys the city’s art and music scene. He is also a keen runner, and takes part in weekly 5 km park run events. At present time, Luke has a personal best of 18 minutes which he is striving to beat.

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Sun 08 December9:00amAdvanced - Dynamic Reformer Pilates
This Advanced Pilates class is set to push experienced Ten faithfuls to new levels. Not for the inexperienced or unfit. 55 mins.
Tommy Marshall
Tommy has been physically active for as long as he can remember, playing recreational to semi-professional football over the years before a back condition stopped him in his tracks.

Combining a lifelong enthusiasm for movement and activity with his love of science, Tommy took his first career step by graduating from the University of Bath with an MSci Sports and Exercise Science degree.

A postgraduate season with the first team of Bristol City Football Club gave Tommy the opportunity to lead both gym and pitch based prehab/rehab sessions as well as taking the players through their strength and conditioning programs on a one to one and group basis.

It was also this experience – good as it was – that motivated him to move away from professional football and follow a deeper passion that had developed for helping people achieve their goals through exercise. Especially when underpinned by science and research.

Tommy is a firm believer that exercise is medicine. He loves helping people meet their goals no matter how big or small – meeting any goal is a step in the right direction. He is driven and enthusiastic to help empower you to reach your full potential.

In his spare time Tommy can be found in the gym, at the London Stadium watching his beloved West Ham United (which usually ends in disappointment) or exploring a new part of the world.

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Sun 08 December1:00pmAdvanced - Dynamic Reformer Pilates
This Advanced Pilates class is set to push experienced Ten faithfuls to new levels. Not for the inexperienced or unfit. 55 mins.
Rafael Cunha
Born and raised in Brazil, Rafael has always had a keen interest in sport and exercise, enjoying everything from football to handball, volleyball to basketball, running to capoeira and swimming to surfing.
His passion for exercise and for understanding the positive effect movement has on the human body led him to complete an undergraduate degree in Physical Education in 2008, followed by a postgraduate degree in Physiology of Exercise in 2015.


After graduating, Rafael began his career working as a personal trainer for both adults and children. Throughout his career he has also been involved in coaching and teaching a range of sports, leading capoeira groups, running social projects, organising boot camps and sports championships, and he even founded his own running group.


Believing that the human body truly is made to move, Rafael credits the skeletal system as the thing that allows us to live our lives to the maximum.


It’s this interest in musculoskeletal health that led him to train both as a Pilates instructor and study Tui Na massage, further improving his knowledge and understanding of human anatomy and in turn helping him to address muscular imbalances.


Having previously worked with people who faced hernias, disc protrusion, sciatic nerve issues, back pain and postural imbalances, Rafael enjoys helping people improve their quality of movement, overall fitness and general health.


This experience also taught him the importance of looking after our bodies, so that we can continue to live healthy and active lives without aches and pains.


Rafael takes a tailored approach to each client, understanding their needs, respecting their limitations and observing existing imbalances in the musculoskeletal system, which enables him to develop individual plans to help his clients achieve their goals. Whether that is to reduce pain and discomfort or increase tone, his programmes are developed to help clients strengthen the right muscles and restore balance.

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