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Classes from 30 Jul, 2021 to 31 Jul, 2021
Fri 30 July6:00pmLive - Vinyasa Flow Yoga + MindfulnessScott Robinson
Originally from Sydney, Scott came to the UK in 2001 and hasn’t looked back since, spending time working in leading financial institutions and law firms in both London and New York. As a keen sporting enthusiast, Scott was drawn initially to the reformer (he’s been attending classes at Ten since 2008). He still practices regularly – to which he accredits his ability to ski at a high level every year on some of the Aps’ most challenging slopes.

Scott discovered Yoga in 2012, initially as a way of coping with the stress of working in a senior position for a large financial institution in London. Yoga soon became an integral part of Scott’s life, and he credits his weekly yoga practice for helping him manage his stress levels and sleep better during those years.

In 2017, he went on to complete his yoga teacher training with Nico Luce, who effortlessly infuses yoga philosophy, alignment and anatomy into his classes, which continues to inspire Scott’s teaching style today. He went on to complete studies in Yoga for Sports with Jim Harrington, understanding the key movements and imbalances that certain sports such as running and skiing create, and how to design yoga classes to address them.

Scott’s classes offer a dynamic vinyasa yoga, emphasising steadiness and flow. He combines an abiding passion for yoga with a focus on precise alignment and clear cues in his teachings, aiming to help his students perform better both on and off the mat. His classes will leave his students in a confident and relaxed space.

Scott also believes that it is in the moment between the in-breath and out-breath where the transformation through yoga takes place – encouraging students to move and go deeper into the practice.

When he is not teaching or practising yoga, as a Cancerian you can find him in the pool enjoying some much needed down time, carving up the slopes of Chamonix in the winter or slavishly following Everton football club (much to his frequent disappointment).

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Sat 31 July10:30amLive - Mat Pilates (Beginners)
If you’re new to Pilates, haven’t exercised in a while, or just want to work on your alignment, posture and mobility, strengthen your core, and improve overall muscular control at a manageable pace, this is a great place to start. Ten’s trademark focus on quality of movement rather than just intensity of effort makes these classes safe, effective and absorbing.
(45 mins)
Gillian Bath
Originally from North America, Gillian has lived in London for nearly five years after moving across the pond for a change and an adventure and to continue to build her career in global health and international development after completing graduate studies at The George Washington University.

Gillian first came to Pilates in her youth as an accessible form of exercise to support her wellbeing in the midst of a series of health challenges. Finally able to feel strong enough and to get in touch with what her body was capable of doing, Gillian immediately fell in love. Having always had a keen interest in nutrition and health, personally and professionally, Gillian made the transition to trainer. Gillian secured her matwork certification with Body Control Pilates and has been teaching beginner and intermediate classes to a range of clients from all walks of life for the last several years. Most recently, Gillian completed certification from TEN Health & Fitness in Dynamic Reformer Pilates.

Not coming from a dance or sporting background, Gillian celebrates what Pilates offers to everyone regardless of their fitness history. She is passionate about working with clients from their unique starting points to help them grow stronger, gain greater awareness of their bodies, and be more confident in knowing what they are capable of. Expect to be pushed, encouraged, and to leave the studio feeling ready to take on whatever life may throw your way.

When she’s not in the studio, Gillian can be found outside exploring a new park, “Area of Natural Beauty”, or neighbourhood, running or spinning to chase those endorphins, or at her ‘day job’ working for a London-based charity where she leads a team of experts designing corporate social engagement opportunities.

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Sat 31 July8:30amLive - Dynamic Bodyweight Pilates (Advanced)Jennifer Bentley
From a young age Jen practised various disciplines of dance, including Ballet and Tap, and also Disco dancing, where she regularly danced competitively at events across the country. The first time she experienced Pilates was during dance classes as a teen, and was intrigues from the outset.

Whilst she loved her years of dancing, she moved to Bristol aged 18 to study a BA in Primary Teaching. Despite graduating with a 2.1 degree, she quickly realised that the school classroom was not for her, and that her true passion and vocation lay in movement and fitness.

In 2010 she completed her Level 3 Personal Training qualification and since then has have worked many of London’s leading gyms and fitness studios training clients 1-1 and leading TRX and PowerPlate classes. She later went on to gain her Mat Pilates certificate.

Jen credits Pilates entirely for allowing her to regain her core strength and stability and getting her back into shape quickly after the birth of her son over 4 years ago. What she loves most about Pilates is the amount of focus needed in order to execute each exercise with control and precision. Unsurprisingly, her classes will encourage you to zone out from all other distractions so you can achieve a great mind-body connection that lets you feel each movement – and its benefits.

In her free time you will find Jen spending time with her little boy and trying out different food spots in London – she does love a naughty burger – which she will burn off later at the gym!

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