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Tue 25 February12:00pmPilates Circuit Class (Equipment)
Using Pilates apparatus including the Reformer, Barrel, Wunda Chair and Cadillac, in these small group classes at Little Venice you will follow your own individual programme as you rotate between each piece of Pilates equipment. Each machine features a system of springs, creating resistance to allow and encourage the muscles of the hips, shoulders, arms and legs to work effectively. The resistance of each machine can be altered and set to suit the needs of each individual. This enables our team to devise a programme to facilitate the best possible outcome for our clients’ varying needs.

An introductory assessment/therapist referral is required prior to taking part in a Group Circuit class.
All Group Circuit classes at Little Venice/Notting Hill Pilates have a maximum of four clients and provide individual targeted tuition. Exercises are provided to suit your individual goals and needs within a small group session lead by a senior or master level Pilates instructor or therapist
Lucy Threlfall (Physio/Pilates)
After completing her Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of South Australia, Lucy went on to complete further postgraduate training in Pilates. Having spent several years teaching Pilates in a clinical setting, she has a strong focus on technique and control, and an appreciation for the role Pilates can play in injury prevention, rehabilitation and improving function and performance.

Lucy takes a holistic approach to health and is passionate about the improved strength, mobility, control and body awareness that Pilates brings, and the way these benefits can flow on to other aspects of life. She believes in the rewards of Pilates not only for those recovering from injury, but for overall fitness, health and well-being.

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