Anisha Gulhati

“During my pregnancies, I found my PreNatal Sessions to be very helpful. Post natal, I was surprised how quickly I was able to tone up again!”
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About Anisha

Before coming to Ten, Anisha Gulhati’s exercise routine centred on running and yoga. She had always thought of Pilates as a ‘rather slow’ form of exercise and didn’t expect it to make much difference, if any, to her body.

But as she says, “I was wrong! When I started doing Reformer Pilates, I was running and also practising yoga. After a couple of weeks at Ten, I ended up scaling down my other activities and concentrating more on the Dynamic Pilates.  I found my body was becoming more supple and also leaner, and the shape of my body was changing. I was seeing results very quickly.”

When Anisha became pregnant with her second child she was determined to keep up her Pilates but wanted to be sure the training would be safe for her and her baby.


The solution

Through both her pregnancies, Anisha has combined specialist PreNatal PT’s and Classes, designed specifically to help mothers-to-be cope with the changes and challenges of a developing pregnancy: “I find them very helpful for strengthening the muscles that inevitably are needed more to carry the baby weight i.e. back, glutes etc”.


The outcome

After the birth of her first child, she was surprised to find that she still had good muscle memory and was able to get back into shape quickly. As soon as she had the all clear from the doctor, she was back at Ten enjoying the classes and seeing results much quicker than she had expected.

“I believe the concentration on individual muscle groups both pre natal and post natal in the classes has really helped” Anisha says.

Anisha is now enjoying her second pregnancy, and is keeping up her regular Prenatal PT’s and classes. After the birth, she’s looking forward to resuming her normal training routine at Ten, a mix of Dynamic Pilates and Cardiolates classes.

From time to time, she’ll try something different somewhere else – barrecore or yoga perhaps – as she says, “it’s always good to do something new and give your body a change. But any workout that I do is always in addition to classes at TenPilates, and never a replacement!”