Reformer Pilates for Runners

Why come?

Pilates for Runners is one of the most efficient workouts for runners who want to improve their running speed, time, technique and form whilst preventing running injuries at the same time.

By isolating specific muscles groups runners can relieve the muscles they’ve overworked, whilst reactivating the muscles they’ve underused – vital to ensuring not just a better run, but a pain-free one too.

This class will help you build a stronger and more functional core that will help your body move more freely and efficiently, and reduce the risk of injury in this repetitive and high-impact sport. It will enable your body to control and distribute the impact forces on each footstrike (up to 7 times your bodyweight with every step) more safely and sustainably though the joints at the ankle, knee, hip and lower back.

It will be of particular value to runners with desk jobs, where tight hamstrings and hip flexors, weak glutes, poor hip stability and core strength, and reduction of spinal mobility are the almost inevitable result of their sedentary working patterns. It’s muscle imbalances like these that keep our Physiotherapy and Sports Massage Therapy teams busy all year round treating common running injuries such as runner’s knee, ITB syndrome, shin splints and a the many knee, neck, hip and hamstring pains experienced by runners.

Is it right for me?

Whatever your level, if you want to run faster, run further, and run with better form then this class should be an essential part of your running training plan. You don’t need to have done Dynamic Reformer Pilates before, nor do you have to be a seasoned marathon runner or serious sprinter to need a running-specific class – even occasional weekend warriors will feel the benefits.

Exercises can be modified enabling runners of all fitness levels to take part.

What will it be like?

Dynamic Reformer-based, this workout is specifically designed for runners. It will release the muscle groups that running overworks and activate the poorly conditioned stabilising muscles running neglects.

Expect plenty of core and glute work – both in isolation and with integration into more functional movements – and a focus on improving spinal alignment and hip stability during movement.

You’ll focus on technique along with correct muscle activation and movement patterns to improve your running posture and form – vital to improving the quality and efficiency of your run.

You’ll also work on some key dynamic stretches for runners.

Results and benefits?

This class will improve your running form, technique, and speed. You’ll correct muscle imbalances and improve your movement patterns, whilst building overall core alignment and strength, flexibility and muscular endurance.

Expect to improve your quality of movement– you’ll find yourself running faster, more freely, and with less effort, along with a reduction in pain and injury risk.


NB: If you want to improve your running further book into our next Running Workshops, book an appointment to see a Physiotherapist who can help with sports performance or any recurring running related injuries, or learn about the benefits of Sports Massage for Runners.