Ten Running Workshops

Whether you’re a marathon regular or a weekend jogger, the aim is the same – to run further, faster, more efficiently and with less risk of injury. And that’s exactly what Ten’s Running Workshops are designed to help you do.

What does it cover:

  • Common running injuries,
  • How they can be avoided (Injury prevention and running prehab)
  • How to build a training programme to reach your goals
  • GAIT analysis (Video analysis)
  • The importance of glute activation, core stability and general strengthening.
  • Stretching and foam rolling
  • Review and examples of different running and training styles
  • Foot strike discussion
  • Are your shoes right for you? What does the research tell us?

The workshops comprise of a group session and a one-on-one video analysis session.

The group session will last 2 hours, and will comprise both theoretical and practical components, with the latest information and insights on strengthening, stretching and foam rolling techniques, as well as running technique/efficiency.

This will be followed a separate one-on-one Video Gait Analysis session to assess your running technique, analyse any inefficiencies and injury risks, and help you improve it.

You should bring running gear – particularly your current running shoes. You’ll leave with workshop hand-outs, a follow-up package and a rather nice goody bag (including one of our quality foam rollers)

Workshop locations and dates:

Our next workshops will be held in September – to go on the waiting list please email team@ten.co.uk and let us know your preferred studio.

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