Motivation is the toughest part of exercising. Everybody – from beginner to Olympian – struggles with it at some point.

So if your will to work out is beginning to waver, two words (OK, phrases) of comfort: 1; you’re not alone and 2; we can help.

At Ten we know when you’re most likely to lose your enthusiasm and what to do it about it. We know how to help you stay on the wagon, and (we’re all human, after all) what to do if you fall off..

Counterintuitively, the hardest part is not the first month or two. That’s the golden period; you’re stoked with enthusiasm and endorphins, and you’re making progress and feeling a difference after almost every session.

The real slump comes later, when your results plateau and the effects of exercise are less noticeable – now you’re fitter, it takes more effort to make the same difference. And while habit and routine are essential foundations for any successful exercise programme, predictability is the enemy of motivation.

At Ten, our solution is to make every class different so it never becomes routine. Combining classic Pilates exercises with circuit and weight training techniques, our Dynamic Pilates programme gives us a vast repertoire of exercises and variations. Add in the option of HiiT, TRX, Cardio and Barre classes, and while you’ll be challenged and knackered, you won’t be bored.

While there’s a lot we can do to help you stay focused and energised, there’s plenty more you can do to help yourself. So:

  • Go in the morning – you’ve got less time to back out, and you’ll feel great for the whole day. That’s the best motivation of all.
  • Take a friend – a workout partner provides support, advice, a healthy element of competition and will make you feel bad if you don’t turn up.
  • Change it up – if you’re getting a little too used to the class you usually do, try something else. If the studio you usually visit is feeling too familiar come to another one (we have plenty after all). Still not helping? Then do something else for a week or two. Kickboxing, yoga, climbing or even – if you must – Zumba.
  • Focus on the now – concentrate on the immediate moment and you’ll be finished before you know it. An hour seems much less daunting when it’s broken into ten-minute chunks.
  • Reward yourself – earn the things you want by achieving set goals. You’ll appreciate the rewards more because you’ve sweated for them, and the satisfaction you gain from hitting your targets will keep you going.

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