People are designed to move, not to sit. Yet today, we’re more sedentary than at any time in human history.

And it’s not just that we sit so much; we do it badly, too. Our postures are shot. We spend our days either hunched over computers and phones at work, or slouched in front of the TV at home.

In consequence, we’re increasingly prey to inflexibility, dysfunction and pain from spinal and postural imbalances, as well as circulatory problems, obesity, decreased bone density (and a greater risk of osteoporosis) and increased early-onset diabetes.

The adverse effects of the way we live now aren’t just physical, either.

Despite all our labour-saving devices, we’re time-poor, working longer hours, under more pressure (particularly in today’s always-on, always-available culture). We’re always trying to do more, faster, with less, and struggling to balance the demands of our personal and professional commitments.

We have evolved to cope with stress – but only as a short flight-or-fight response, not with this new, constant, stress. Its physical and psychological effects are now the second biggest cause of workplace absenteeism (the biggest, ironically, being posture-related problems).

We can’t change the way the world works. But at Ten we have created an exercise programme that not only mitigates some of the 21st Century’s more harmful effects on our health and wellbeing, but is also designed specifically around the way we live now.

Pilates has always been excellent for posture and flexibility, helping restore our natural spinal alignment and creating a strong, supportive core to prevent or reduce back pain and injury. Ten’s trademark Dynamic Pilates builds on the classic discipline by adding in additional resistance and cardiovascular elements and raising the overall intensity and effectiveness of the sessions.

This latest iteration of Pilates makes for an impressively effective and time-efficient whole-body workout.

Ideal for the time poor, sessions last just less than an hour (including warmup and cool-down), but each one helps correct posture, strengthen core muscle groups, improve flexibility, sculpt lean, toned muscles and offers cardiovascular benefits, boosting the resting metabolism, reducing body fat and helping with both weight loss and weight management.

You feel and see the results. Fast. After all, when you’re investing time and money in exercise –the key word here is investing – it has to pay off to be sustainable.

With Studios throughout London access is convenient for busy Londoners. Studios are open from early to late, so you can fit your training around your home/work lives, and the nature of the workout means that you don’t have to spend ages cooling down/drying off before you can go back to work.

In keeping with the needs of a population who are living – and determined to remain active – for longer, Dynamic Pilates is suitable for participants of all ages and fitness levels.

It’s also prehabilitative i.e. it offers a proactive, preventative approach to body maintenance that will keep you fitter, stronger and active for longer, and will help avoid/reduce the impact of future injury.

Physical benefits aside, TenPilates sessions are also a great way to manage stress and improve overall mental wellbeing

People are social animals. And with more of us living alone, the interaction and shared experience of a class-based programme is increasingly important. (As an aside, the class-based structure also creates added motivation to come, and to work harder/more effectively when you’re here.)

Because the techniques require focus and concentration, the sessions are hugely absorbing, making them a valuable ‘time-out’ from the pressures of work.

The dynamism and intensity of the workout helps generate endorphins, increasing feelings of optimism, positivity and well-being.

And, to complete the circle, because you see the benefits fast, it’s also a powerful way of boosting personal morale and maintaining motivation.

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