Like traditional Pilates, Dynamic Pilates is designed to readdress the body’s natural balance through a series of exact, controlled movements. Both focus on the core muscles in the waist and lower back area, the centre of support for the rest of the body. This improves strength, flexibility and posture, keeping the body mobile and helping prevent or reduce injury.

And both build long, lean muscles by combining exercise and stretching into the routines.

But unlike traditional Pilates, Dynamic Pilates goes a step further. As the name suggests, it’s a more intense and dynamic programme, designed to slim figures, improve posture and build lean, toned muscle. Fast. Think of it as Pilates with bite.

Based on the ‘isolate, fatigue, stretch’ principle, it’s an impressively effective combination of classic Pilates moves, our own refinements and weight and circuit training techniques.

Movements are still precise and controlled, but at Ten we link them into a smooth, continuous flow. We add more ‘functional’ exercises – working the core muscles in combination with additional muscle groups – to increase the intensity of the overall movement and deliver cardiovascular conditioning benefits.

We focus on duration of the exercise to allow for total muscle fatigue, and intensify the movement of the larger muscle groups to create a total body workout.

Our state-of-the art Reformers allow the muscles to work against greater resistance, increasing the effort and delivering faster results. It’s this emphasis on continuous movement, combinations of muscle groups, and working to fatigue that differentiates us.

And it’s our Dynamic Pilates is one of the most effective body-sculpting workouts available anywhere.

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