Women’s Wellbeing Services at Ten

Breast Cancer

Since the launch of TenClinical a few years ago, we have been able to support clients affected by Breast Cancer (and many other forms of cancer) more actively. Through our expert Clinical teams and referral networks, we have been able to help clients prepare for surgery, maximise recovery during bouts of chemo or radiotherapy, or get back to ‘normal’ life after being given the all-clear.

Read more about Breast Cancer and how we can help, or speak to a specialist clinical trainer.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy

We have recently launched Women’s Health Physiotherapy, focusing on Pelvic Floor Health.

Through this we can provide support and treatment for female urinary issues, such as:

  • SUI (stress urinary incontinence)
  • OAB syndrome (overactive bladder syndrome) including Urge Incontinence (UUI)
  • Mixed Incontinence (SUI + urge)

Read more about Women’s Health Physio

Self-paid Women’s Health Physio sessions can be bought and booked online.  If you have health insurance, please contact the studio to book

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Pre & Post Natal Physiotherapy

Our Women’s Health Physios are trained and qualified to treat many of the issues that can arise during and after pregnancy, help you progress safely through the trimesters, and recover faster afterwards.

We can assess, diagnose and treat any conditions, injury or pain you may experience, during or after pregnancy.  We can guide you safely as you start, continue or return to exercise. And we can provide support and reassurance as your pregnancy develops, or you prepare for or recover from labour.

Self-paid sessions can be bought and booked online. If you have health insurance, please contact the studio to book.

Read more about Pre & Post Natal Physio

Pre/Post Natal Massage

Pre Natal Massage provides a safe, drug-free and relaxing way to minimise and relieve the physical and emotional stresses that come with a developing pregnancy. It’s equally beneficial after childbirth, especially for helping new mothers cope with the physical and emotional stresses of caring for a newborn.

Regular massage can target and release areas of tightness or tension, help realign your posture, and last but not least, provide a calming space for some restorative me-time (something many new mothers find is in increasingly short supply).

 If you have questions about Pre or Post Natal Massage or would like more information, please drop us a line; sessions can be booked in studio or online.

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Dynamic Reformer Pilates for Pelvic Floor Health

Dynamic Reformer Pilates is acknowledged as a great workout for the core. Especially the deeper core muscle groups, the transversus abdominis, and the pelvic floor. (Hint: Pilates instructors don’t call your core a ‘powerhouse’ for nothing.)

A strong core – especially a strong pelvic floor – is important to women at all life stages. So the good news is that wherever you are in life, you’re doing your pelvic floor a favour every time you come to class. And if you’d like a bit more information on this topic, read this short piece on Pilates for the Pelvic Floor courtesy of Kendall Scales, Physio and Women’s Health Specialist at our City Studio. You might also like to check out our upcoming Pelvic Floor Workshop – more details at the bottom of this page.

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Pilates and Massage for Mental Health

According to the Mental Health Foundation, women in the UK are almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with anxiety disorders as men. Concerning as this is, it has been exacerbated by the impact of Covid and its aftermath.

 With that in mind we thought you may find a couple of pieces from our blog of interest:

Pelvic Floor Health Workshops

Pelvic Floor issues are common in women of all ages – NHS figures indicate that 1 in 3 women will experience some form of pelvic floor disorder during their lifetime – and that pelvic floor dysfunction is usually treatable.

Pelvic Floor issues can occur for several reasons, pregnancy and menopause being two of the most common. Symptoms are also surprisingly common amongst younger women – there are particular correlations with female athletes and high impact sports.

For many women experiencing Pelvic Floor dysfunction, the mental and emotional impact can be as difficult to manage as the physical symptoms. Designed to provide both physical solutions and emotional reassurance, we run a number of several Pelvic Floor workshops throughout the year, both online and in-Studio.

Hosted by our Women’s Health experts, these workshops take an in depth look at Pelvic Floor Health – why it matters, the benefits of a strong Pelvic Floor, the causes and impact of Pelvic Floor dysfunction, and what to do about it. We’ll also spend some time showing you some simple exercises that will help you keep yours strong, and we’ll finish with a Q&A.

They are free and open to all. Please register here