I was having Physio before the lockdown started. What happens if I don’t continue my treatment?

If your underlying condition is something that requires Physiotherapy to fix, it is unlikely to get better on its own. You may find it stabilises, particularly if you continue to follow the programme your Physio gave you, otherwise it could also deteriorate and any progress you’ve made may be lost.

If I can’t go to my Physio at the moment, will online sessions still be effective?

The short answer is yes.

Our approach during an online consultation via Zoom, WhatsApp video or other video platform is very similar to a face-to-face session.

We’ll still diagnose you the same way. We’ll ask you a number of specific and targeted questions about your symptoms – including how they present themselves, any movement restriction or stiffness, and the pain levels you may be experiencing. This will help us understand the likely cause and identify any contributing factors.

This is followed by a process of objective physical testing and observation, to confirm a diagnosis, and agree a pathway forward to resolve the issue. These tests are injury-specific and will include an assessment of movement patterns and imbalances and reproduction of pain symptoms. This can generally be done effectively via video.

In terms of treatment, 80% of rehabilitation is actually strength and conditioning work – applying specific exercises in a specific way at a specific time. You don’t need to be in the same physical spaces as your Physio for them to manage your rehabilitation effectively.

Your Physio can still prescribe the necessary exercises, and with Zoom or a similar platform they can demonstrate them to you, and watch you doing them yourself, to make sure you’re performing them safely and effectively – just as they would in the clinic.

I’ve been having Physio elsewhere, but my clinic has now closed.

That’s not a problem. We’re happy to treat you. If you want to have sessions with us but still go back to your previous Physio when they reopen, that’s OK, too.

We’ll even write a report that you can take with you. It will detail the treatment programme we put in place, and the improvements you’ve made as a result, so that you can pick up with them where you left off with us.

Are you taking on new Physio clients or just continuing to treat those who were coming to you beforehand?

We’re definitely open for both. In fact, we’re seeing a number of new clients, some coming to us directly, others are referred by their doctors, consultants or clinicians.

One of the side-effects of so many people working from home is the rise in back and neck pain. For many people the home office is anything but an office. They’re working hunched over kitchen tables, slouched on sofas, or from any other convenient, but inevitably unergonomic spare bit of space they can find. The impact on postures and supporting joints and musculature, and the resulting pain and dysfunction is inevitable.

The other issue we’re seeing more of now is from people who’ve used the current situation as motivation to start (or restart) exercising more regularly. Whether that’s running, cycling or home workouts, its common to experience some joint pain 4-6 weeks in. Treated promptly, its effects can be minimised. Left untreated it can lead to more significant injury and pain and bring your new regime to a grinding (and painful) halt.

Our Physios have a breadth of experience treating both postural and sports-related conditions.

Can I get online Physio sessions on my health insurance?

Yes. All major PHI providers have agreed to fund these sessions. At Ten we treat clients covered by Bupa, Avivia, Allianz, Axa, WPA and Cigna, amongst others. Please see our website for full details.

Of course, we’re also treating self-paid clients too.

Is an online Physio session as good as a face-to-face session?

Obviously, it’s not the same, but it can be as effective. Don’t forget, you’re pretty much face-to-face on Zoom anyway.

Your Physio won’t be able to deliver the hands-on element of your session, but he or she can show you how to do some specific stretches or tissue manipulation work yourself, using a foam roller, a spiky ball or something similar.

Other than the small talk that often happens while you’re face down on the physio couch, the rest will be pretty similar.

Your Physio use most of the same techniques to diagnose the underlying cause of your condition or injury. He or she will still prescribe and demonstrate the strengthening or mobility exercises you’ll need to do to resolve the problem. They will still watch you carefully while do them, and will give you any tips and cues that you’ll need to make sure you’re performing them correctly and effectively. They’ll still be able to monitor and measure your progress and adjust your programme as you improve.

And lastly, they will still follow up with your home rehab programme and liaise with your referring clinician, surgeon or consultant whenever necessary.

What are other clients saying about online sessions?

The majority of the feedback we’ve received is very positive

Pretty much everyone we have spoken to has told us that they value being able to keep progressing with their recovery. Particularly when they might not have had access to Physiotherapy otherwise.

Most were – understandably – a little uncertain about how it would work beforehand. But having tried it, but the overall response has been that clients are surprised and impressed at how well the sessions actually work, what we’ve able to cover, and what the follow-up has been like.

What are the doctors, consultants and clinicians who refer patients to you saying about online consultations?

They’re really happy that we’re able to do this. From the feedback we’ve received, they appreciate that it allows and supports their patients’ recovery, and enables continuity of care with the cases that we have in common.

They also see it as the ideal opportunity for busy people to take some time to focus on themselves and to get problems resolved – particularly when they have time on their hands.

What equipment do I need for an online Physio session?

You will need to be able to take part in a Zoom or WhatsApp video call, so you’ll need a computer, tablet or phone, and a stable internet connection.

You’ll also need to have enough space around you to move about (around 2.5m square is fine) as your Physio may need to observe you while you perform some simple movements or exercises.

However, you don’t need any fitness or specialist physiotherapy equipment. Your Physio will be able to design your programme around whatever you have available at home.

Something’s hurting, but I don’t know whether it will need treatment or will go away by itself.

We can help. We offer 15-minute consultations for just £25.

It’s usually plenty of time for us to help you understand what the likely cause is, explain what treatment – if any – is needed, and if not, what you can do to ease it yourself.

If it does need treatment, we can get you on the route to recovery. And if it doesn’t, it’s a small investment in gaining some peace of mind.

Bookings and/or more information

If you’d like to arrange a Physio session or have questions that aren’t covered above, please email info@tenphysio.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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