Interesting to see more and more medical insurance companies developing business relationships with gyms – Nuffield Health/Cannons, BUPA/Fitness First, and AXA PPP/LA Fitness, spring to mind here.

It’s evidence of the growing importance of a subject that’s very close to our hearts here at Ten – Prehab.

Prehab – or Prehabiltation for long – is a fit-for-life preventive maintenance approach to our bodies, designed to keep us stronger, healthier and functionally active for longer.

As part of an ageing and pretty inactive population, we’re prime candidates for expensive and lengthy medical care in the future – which our insurance companies are going to have to shell out for. So anything they can do to keep us healthier and reduce those costs is clearly good business.

And they’re not alone in this approach. In professional sport, top players represent huge investments for their clubs. At £50 million a go, the cost of keeping a Torres fit is nothing compared to the risk of having him injured and unable to play for even a few games. So on that basis, Prehab is a really effective way to make sure a club gets maximum value from its assets.

Obviously, for the insurance companies and sport professionals it’s a financially driven approach. But that doesn’t make the underlying principle any less relevant for the rest of us.

And it doesn’t take a premiership paycheck to put it into practice either.

Even relatively small investments in our health and fitness will pay dividends – just the occasional session with a properly qualified trainer is a great way of keeping exercise habits and techniques on track, and identifying and correcting potential problems. Similarly a few visits to a good Physio or Osteopath can stop small niggles turning into bigger problems.

The truth is, it takes a lot less time, money and effort (not to mention pain and frustration) to keep our bodies in reasonable shape than it does to fix them when they break down.

Having been both sides of that particular fence, trust me on this one.

TenPilates’ Circle of Care

We offer a totally integrated approach to wellbeing, and a genuinely unique circle of care. Whilst Physiotherapy and Osteopathy practices typically work in isolation, TenPilates’ Trainers and TenPhysio’s Therapists share knowledge, insights and client history, and work together to apply the right mix of complementary skills and expertise at each stage of the client’s treatment and training.

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