Advanced Reformer Pilates

Why come?

When you’re used to our Intermediate classes and want more, welcome to the ultimate Dynamic Pilates workout.

Is it right for me?

You need to be a proficient Intermediate to progress to Advanced level – and ready to push yourself harder and further. You’ll need good levels of fitness, stamina, flexibility, core strength and technical capability. (If you’re not sure, ask your Trainer).

What will it be like?

Relentless. You’ll need to focus even more and work even harder; with more set-ups, tougher progressions, faster changeovers, much less explanation than our other classes and absolutely no let-up.

The moves are more intense, and highly functional, working different muscle groups together to increase the effort and control required, improving overall strength and endurance, and burning calories faster.

Results and benefits

Advanced Classes work on the places other routines can’t even find. This is an unapologetically serious workout, so expect to see significant improvements in strength, flexibility, body-sculpting and muscle tone.


Available as 45 and 55 minute classes.

Please note that you will need to wear gripsocks for this class. (If you don’t have any, they are available to buy at Reception.)

“It’s tough but worth it as you see your body become smaller, leaner and tighter.”