The Seven Principles of Movement

Why come?

Understanding and effectively performing the seven key movements that underpin all human movement is essential for anybody who wants to improve the efficiency of their workouts and sports performance or move better in their day to day lives.

The seven principles are fundamental exercises and movement patterns which most of us have been performing since childhood – but many of us don’t perform these exercises as well as we think, or should. Learning – or in many cases re-learning – the correct techniques will help you move more freely and efficiently whilst avoiding injury.

Is it right for me?

Over time, most of us lose the ability to move as naturally, fluently and efficiently as we did as children – whether due to postural or lifestyle related issues (hello, high heels and laptops), injury, or compensatory movement patterns resulting from injury and/or weakness. At best these restrictions can hamper our ability to move properly both in our workouts and in our daily lives. At worst they can cause pain, dysfunction and injury.

If you work at a desk, drive a car, use a laptop or mobile, and maintain less than perfect posture, you’ll benefit from this class.

A basic level of fitness is helpful, but not essential. The class is suitable for all levels including beginners. As an aside, it’s also a great introduction to the Reformer machine.

What will it be like?

In this Masterclass you’ll progress through a full body workout that covers the seven principles: hinge, plank, push, pull, squat, lunge and rotation. You’ll perform exercises and sequences that focus on a single movement pattern and (re)learn how to perform them correctly. You’ll also combine single-principle exercises into multi-plane, functional movements to build better movement patterns that will improve your workouts and help you avoid injury in both exercise and day to day life.

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Results and benefits

You’ll learn how the core muscles work and how to activate them correctly in each key principle of movement which will improve your strength, flexibility and posture whilst doing a challenging and effective full body workout at the same time.