Why come?

TenYoga class is designed by experienced Yoga Teachers and approved by Ten Physiotherapists. You’ll experience the maximum physical and mental health benefits of yoga through a practice designed for the way we live now.

In TenYoga, our expert Physiotherapists and yoga team have created a yoga programme specifically for the needs of today’s office-bound, sofa-slouching, screen-focused population. Combining 21st Century medical expertise with a depth of practical teaching experience, TenYoga provides all the advantages of Yoga practice without any of the risks, and all the benefits of mindful movement, with the minimum amount of ‘woo’.

Is it right for me?

If you’ve ever wondered if yoga is safe, been sore after yoga, or had a bad experience in a class that left you injured or in pain, this is the class for you.

For anyone new to Yoga, the careful selection of poses and sequences, along with a small class format, clear cueing, and plenty of hands-on instruction, makes this class a great introduction to the discipline.

Experienced Yogis and newly qualified Yoga Teachers alike will find a class that improves their practice and understanding of Yoga through a focus on the anatomy and function that underpins different yoga postures and flows to encourage healthy movement and avoid injury in their own teaching and practice.

What will it be like?

Think 21st century Western medical expertise meets traditional Eastern practice – or medical yoga if you like. You’ll learn how to do yoga in a way that avoids or adapts asanas (poses) that compound the more harmful postural impact of our 21st century lifestyles, and focuses on those that restore balance, lengthen over-tight muscles, and help reset and re-educate the body into a more natural set of movement patterns.

You’ll also explore yoga breathing (pranayama) and how controlling the breath calms the mind, improves spinal health, and supports movement.

Class sizes are deliberately much smaller than is usual in mainstream yoga, and in true Ten style, there’s much greater focus on individual attention and adaptation, precision, clear cueing and active correction.

Results and benefits

You’ll develop strength, mobility and flexibility in a safe and expert practice designed to prevent the muscular imbalances and hypermobility that can prevent progression or cause injury.

You’ll improve your yoga practice and break through any yoga pose plateaus through an enhanced awareness of the anatomical structures and principles underlying yoga, and how the spine, body and breath are interlinked.

You’ll balance mind and body through mindful movement in a therapeutic yoga practice designed to have you feeling, looking, and moving better.

“You’ll leave feeling stronger, leaner and calmer”