Why come?

One of the challenges of a single style of exercise is the risk of plateauing – your body becomes very used to the movements it’s performing, and rather than continue to improve, you simply maintain your level. Cross-training is designed to constantly surprise the body, using different muscle groups and movement patterns, forcing your body to keep developing and adapting.

Is it right for me?

Everyone – regardless of age, fitness level or ability – will benefit from building a cross-training element into their exercise programme. You’ll see additional fitness and conditioning gains, you’ll reduce the risk of injury, and you’ll find it easier to stay motivated – in short – what’s not to like?

What will it be like?

You’ll be combining different cardio, strength and flexibility routines. Your Trainer will work 1:1 with you to manage your programme, keep your workouts varied and challenging, help you master the new exercises and techniques, and make sure you continue to progress.

Results and benefits

Cross-training will result in a higher level of all-round conditioning and fitness than you’ll get from a single form of exercise or workout.

You’ll reduce the risk of over-working some muscles and body parts at the expense of others. It will allow you train more often, more safely. You’ll see a reduced risk of injury – and if you do pick up a knock or a niggle, you can vary the programme so that you can train around it. You’ll be able to adapt your programme to suit your lifestyle – rather than the other way around.

And because it’s all about variety, it’s a great way to stop your workout routine becoming too … well … routine.