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What’s FRC?

FRC – or Functional Range Conditioning to give it the full title - is an innovative approach to safe and sustainable exercise that prioritises joint function.

Injuries often occur when a force is exerted that’s greater than the ability of our tissues to withstand it. Often that’s when a joint comes under stress in its weakest position.

Where stretching and mobility training usually focuses on improving the flexibility of muscles and joints, FRC aims to strengthen the joint through the full range of movement - particularly at end range where our joints are usually at their weakest.

By doing so we improve overall control of our movement, improve mobility and reduce the risk of injury.

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Is it right for me?

Developed in Canada by Sports Chiropractor Dr Andreo Spina, it’s used by athletes in the NBA and NFL to reduce the impact and frequency of sports injury. However it has as much relevance – if not more – in our daily lives and workouts as it does in the world of elite sports.

Mobility is a prerequisite to any physical activity, from powerlifting to running for a bus. However, today’s sedentary lifestyles mean that the vast majority of us are not using our joints and muscle function anywhere near their full capacity.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that joint problems are one of the biggest health issues in the UK, affecting over 17M people – almost 5 times more than diabetes*
(*Source: Joint Health of the Nation 2019)

FRC at Ten is delivered as part of a goal-based Personal Training programme. Its role is to improve the effectiveness and safety of your workouts by making sure that your joints have the range of motion, and strength throughout that range, to safely accommodate the loads and pressures that your goals and sessions dictate.

It will resolve any joint stiffness issues and pain, promote better and safer movement patterns and improve technique and performance.

What will it be like
Results and Benefits

What will it be like?

At first sight, FRC may look a little like yoga or Pilates, but in terms of approach, technique, and even how it feels, it’s like nothing you’ve done before. Although movements are often small and precise, and correct technique vital, the amount of physical effort required is significant – it will feel more like the strength training (that it actually is) than stretching.

We’ll begin with a full assessment, joint by joint, to determine your current physical capacities and prioritise your needs and wants.

We’ll then create a bespoke programme that will integrate FRC work with structured, progressive goal-based exercise in order to create mobility and build strength throughout joint range. And we’ll assess regularly to work on limitations, mark progress and adapt your routine to reflect the progress you’re making.

Results & Benefits

Joint Mobility:

By increasing the amount of active, usable motion through your joints, you’ll be better able to perform exercises with proper form and technique, and without putting unnecessary load or stress on areas of the body that aren’t designed to accommodate it safely.

Joint Strength:

While improving mobility and movement potential, FRC also improves joint strength throughout that range – and particularly the end of range, where injuries often occur, enabling the body to cope safely with greater loads and pressures.

Body Control:

The combination of mobility and strength that FRC enables will give you greater control of your movements – both in everyday life and during exercise, whether sports, gym or class-based. It also improves joint health and longevity – essential for anyone who wants to live healthier, fitter and pain –free for longer.

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