In this month’s Therapist Spotlight London City based Physio, Pilates Instructor, Manager, traveller and would-be sculptor Elle talks Pilates, Physio, the joy of multitasking and her passion for London from above.

Can you tell us a bit about your role here at Ten

Not so much role as roles! The variety is one of the reasons I love my job.

Primarily I am a Physiotherapist and spend most of my time treating clients with a range of musculoskeletal issues – anything from desk related discomfort to rehabbing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu injuries.

I also teach our Dynamic reformer and Physio-Led Pilates classes.

Dynamic Reformer Pilates classes are really fun to teach, there’s always a great atmosphere in class and it’s a nice opportunity to push our clients. Physio-Led Pilates is a bespoke Pilates-based class that I launched at Ten in early 2016. Teaching these classes demands a completely different mindset, requiring you to know 4 different client’s histories thoroughly and lead each of them through a separate and bespoke exercise programme specific to their recovery.

And when I’m not a Physio or a Pilates instructor, I’m a Manager. I manage the Physiotherapy and Massage team at our City Clinic. At the moment we have a team of 9 people, so it’s my job to make sure that they are all happily working away. I’ve also recently taken on the role of Manager at our City Studio! This involves managing the Trainer and Client advisor teams as well as all things operational. I am also responsible for the Studio’s performance as a whole.

How long have you been working as a Physiotherapist?

This is my 8th year working a Physiotherapist! Makes me feel old!

“Through Physiotherapy I get to help people to achieve their health goals, which is hugely rewarding.”

What inspired you to want to work in health and fitness?

Health has been something that I have always been passionate about. Through Physiotherapy I get to help people to achieve their health goals, which is hugely rewarding. I also have always been very physically active and really enjoyed it! I’m particularly passionate about Pilates so working in the health and fitness industry (and specifically, at Ten) is a really great fit for me.

What would you be doing if you weren’t in this career?

Good question! My other areas of interest are all things creative and business economics so maybe a sculptor or management consultant. Though that sounds a bit confused, so think I should stick with Physio!

What can clients expect from a session with you?

All my clients receive a completely personalised experience. Initially, I start with a detailed verbal assessment where I learn more about my clients pathology and goals for their recovery. This helps to then shape my physical assessment, which allows me to really get to the bottom of their pathology. We then have a discussion on what I’ve found (often using the joint models), let them know their diagnosis and tell they about the treatment principle in their recovery. Once everything is understood we then move onto treatment that usually involves both a hands-on and an exercise component. Unsurprisingly, my Pilates knowledge and background informs a lot of my exercise prescription.

“You only get one body and it’s got to last your lifetime – so look after it!”

What’s the best part about your job & working at Ten?

I love the variety in my role and opportunities that Ten can offer me to learn and develop. And of course all my fabulous colleagues, who I love working with! When you’re not here what can you be found getting up to?

When you’re not here what can you be found getting up to?

Travelling! As an Australian living in London I try to make the most of my new proximity to Europe.

What’s your favourite place or thing to do in London?

I love taking in London from up high! Whether it is going up the Shard, the Walkie-talkie, Parliament hill, St Pauls or New Change centre – I love it!

What are your favourite forms of exercise?

Pilates of course and Dance classes! I enjoy conscious exercise where you focus on how you’re moving.

What’s the best piece of health & fitness advice you’ve been given that you’d like to pass on?

You only get one body and it’s got to last your lifetime – so look after it!

What have you learnt from your time working here at Ten?

Ten is the largest Private practice that I have worked for. This has meant that I have had access to support staff that I have never had the luxury of working with before. I have also had more opportunities to – whether that’s to learn, to work on my management skills and to have more of a role in what goes on behind the scenes.

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