• B.Sc. with honours in Physical Therapy (University of Thessaly, Greece)
  • M.Sc. in Sports and Exercise Medicine (University of Nottingham, United Kingdom)
  • ITMMiF (The Football Association)
  • HCPC
  • MCSP
Favourite things to treat:

Specialising in Combat Sports & Upper Limb Injuries.

Eros is from Greece, where he did his undergraduate studies in Physical Therapy and was the valedictorian for his class. During his undergraduate studies he volunteered for multiple sporting events, offering rehabilitation services to the athletes, and did clinical rotations for 3 years at ESY (Greece’s NHS). His dissertation was classified as one of the best of the University, and he received 2 awards, at 2 International Conferences. His internship was at an International Sports Medicine Center, where he treated both amateur and elite athletes from various athletic backgrounds.

After finishing his degree, he worked as a Physiotherapist in the same clinic he did his internship, gaining significant experience as a clinician, while he was volunteering as a Physiotherapist at a Municipal Health Clinic in Athens.

A year after the graduation, he worked at Athens Hellenic Navy Hospital as part of his mandatory military service, as a Physiotherapist. After his service, Eros pursued his Master’s degree in Sports and Exercise Medicine, in Nottingham.

After his Master’s degree, he relocated in London where he worked as a Physiotherapist for a private sports clinic, while going for home-visits across Central & Greater London, gaining local industry knowledge.

Eros has been, and still spending a lot of time of his life at the gym. He is a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and the past few years have been sharpening his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing skills. He is very fond of Olympic weightlifting, after he attended a workshop of Dmitry Klokov, and believes exercise is medicine, and getting physically & mentally stronger is the way to go.