• 200hr YTT
Favourite Exercise/Pose:

Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon) and Camatkarasana (Wild Thing).


Whilst working in fashion publishing, Holly started practicing Yoga 7 years ago and she particularly fell in love with Vinyasa Flow. She found solace from her hectic London life, as the practice boasted benefits that extended further than just physical movement by restoring calmness in her mind.

Inspired by her new found set of restorative tools, Holly journeyed to Bali to complete her 200hr teaching training in Hatha Vinyasa. She was then able to take her practice around the world and spent time teaching in the tropical Shalas of Sri Lanka, as well as Spain and more recently France.

She now spends her winter months in the Mountains of Morzine, teaching Yoga to skiers and snowboarders alike, helping them soothe achey limbs and rehab both their bodies and minds after hours on the slopes.

The biggest lesson that Holly has learnt from her practice is that the benefits we can give ourselves through controlled breath are endless, and this is something that Holly aims to give to all of her students. By teaching meaningful breath combined with mindful movement, she is able to induce a feeling of grounding and calm.

If you’re joining her in class, you can expect mindfulness of your alignment for a safe and effective practice based around a series of focused Asanas with a modern, accessible and flowing style.